Alert! Hackers are Watching Your Organization [40 sec read]


Enterprises encounter serious security breaches despite investing heavily in Information security infrastructure. Hackers are always devising new ways to breach the Information security of an organization, either from within the company or from outside.

Research suggests that 90% of enterprise breaches could be prevented through proper monitoring.

Alert! Hackers are Watching Your Organization. Enhance your Information Security.

However, setting up a 24X7 Security Operations Centre (SOC) to monitor is an enormous challenge because:

  • The high set-up costs can run into lakhs and crores of rupees
  • Demands significant time and effort
  • Growing shortage of skilled in-house security experts

CMS IT is delighted to announce the “Security Eye”; Service that provides a round-the-clock monitoring of your IT landscape.

As a new-age Information security service provider, CMS IT Services is pleased to bring forward this unique proposition to help clients adopt a best-in-class SOC at minimal investment. Continue reading

Dell Laptops infected with ‘Superfish-Like’ pre-installed Malware | Information Security


Release Date: 23/11/2015 | SEVERITY: Critical |

After the Superfish malware that attacked Lenovo laptops this february, another big computer manufacturer Dell’s PCs and laptops are reportedly found to have been pre-installed with a rogue SSL certificate that could allow attacks. It lets an attacker easily impersonate as a HTTPS-protected website and spy on when banking or shopping online. The rogue certificate, dubbed eDellRoot, was first discovered over the weekend. The certificate automatically re-installs itself even when removed from the Windows operating system. Continue reading

Why C.A.P. is the best cloud solution for Enterprises?


C.A.P for Enterprise Benefits

Tapping the C.A.P for Enterprise Benefits

Mission critical apps and sensitive corporate data are increasingly moving into the cloud. Two primary motivations for this cloud adoption are real-time analytics and BI (business intelligence). This is where CMS IT’s Cloud Analytics for productivity (C.A.P) gives distinct advantages to enterprises. We offer the fastest time to value in the business, simple and secure set up, quicker deployment and a platform designed to make business more productive and cost-efficient. Continue reading

Welcome to the Era of Invisible IT Infrastructure !

Just think of this…. what if some one told us that they could:

Reduce the  overall CapEx and OpEx cost by 40-60% for our Infrastructure
Provide Limitless Scalability so that we can scale our infrastructure predictably with no limits
Give us Fastest Time-to-Value (8x Faster time to value in buying, deploying, and managing)
Make our Infrastructure have the Smallest Footprint with up to 90% Reduction in power, cooling, and space with a 2U form factor
and cut virtualization costs by up to 80%, reduce TCO by up to 60% ?

Ca’t see anyone who could actually execute that ? Exactly….

IT infrastructure today face immense challenge to meet the exponentially increasing demand of space, scalability and costs. Nutanix and CMS IT Services offer you the invisible infrastructure so that our focus is on applications instead of keeping the lights on. Hyperconvergence helps you run any app at any scale with absolutely no compromises. Now we can free IT resources to focus on important business initiatives and true innovation.

It gives us immense pleasure, to invite you at our Booth S3, Gartner Symposium ITxpo, November 2-5, Goa. We are engaging customers on ‘delivering’ value from disruptive themes of today – Hyperconvergence, Cloud Provisioning & Management, Security Operations Control and Data Visualization!

Let’s discuss how we can tame the hype cycles and how CMS IT makes these themes real, relevant and valuable to your use case scenarios, for your organization. Look forward to meeting you.

Remember – Booth S3! See you there!

Oh ….by the way..!!!

Here’s  a comprehensive E-book (click to download)  you can use to get up to speed on the disruptive technology of Hyperconvergence.  Expert tips inside!

Let’s Meet in Goa ? CMS IT is at Gartner Symposium ITxpo 2015


Are you at the Gartner Symposium ITxpo 2-5 November @ Grand Hyatt Hotel, Goa? See us at Booth S3.

We are engaging customers on ‘delivering’ value from disruptive themes of today – Hyperconvergence, Cloud Provisioning & Management, Security Operations Control and Data Visualization!  Let’s discuss how we can tame the hype cycles and make these technologies real, relevant and valuable to your use case scenarios, for your organization. IT Leaders who display the ability to leverage these disruptive technologies to gain early value for their organizations are the ones who others (peers, team mates, user organizations) will look upto and reward!

Look forward to meeting you at the Gartner Symposium ITxpo 2015.

Remember – Booth S3!

You can contact us at  or +91 80 3043 0300 / 400 to schedule a one-to-one meeting with CMS IT Services CXO during the event.

Ensuring ROI on the Cloud


IT Infrastructure Management in a Connected World

The explosion of the Internet and more recently, the Internet of Things (IoT) has significantly impacted businesses and transformed the ways in which they work. While Tablets and Smartphones have brought the world closer, it is the tip of the iceberg when it comes to analysing what the next big thing – the Internet of Things – has wrought upon us.

Given how people are constantly clicking a button and swiping a screen to enable actions and services remotely, it will not be long before such smart devices pave the way for a world where all kinds of objects will have miniscule, embedded internet-connected sensors that generate data. If these possibilities are awe-inspiring, consider these statistics — Gartner indicates that [1] — “the installed base of ‘things’, excluding PCs, tablets and smartphones, will grow to 26 billion units in 2020, almost a 30-fold increase from 2009.” “IDC puts it close to 30 billion, with an industry value of around $8.9 trillion; and Cisco reckons 50 billion by 2050, with a value of $14.4 trillion by 2023.”[2] These growth estimates only emphasis how IoT will eventually affect every aspect of our lives – professional and personal – and different sectors – the economic, financial, scientific, healthcare etc. Continue reading

Managing Enterprise Communications Seamlessly and Securely — An IT Infrastructure Management Perspective


In today’s evolving IT landscape, most businesses strive to appear ‘connected’ with mobile applications for communication, financial transactions, healthcare, and collaboration and Cloud computing, being implemented enterprise-wide. While the term ‘connected’ seems innocuous enough, it is easier said than done. Managing enterprise communications is far more challenging than simply bringing together different systems and no one knows this better than the IT department of any organization.

At a time when innovative communication technology is emerging at a fast rate, making decisions on how much to invest and what kind of communications applications and infrastructure to invest in can be daunting especially as competition intensifies and consumer demands grow as indicated by statistics here — “The growth rate for Unified Communications (UC) products and services was 2.5% per month in 2012. And yet, only 40% of Fortune 500 companies claimed to have UC deployments.”[1] Continue reading

Role of Data Governance and Master Data Management (MDM) in Big Data


Data Governance and MDMBig Data may just be the next big thing given the considerable amount of buzz it is generating — In a 2012 survey of 209 North American and European companies, 77% of companies accepted that big data was important to them, about 19% of companies already had a live Big Data application, and a further 20% were slated to go live by end 2012.[1]

But, even as businesses seek to improve their ROIs on it, Big Data advocates are pushing for greater interactions between organizations’ Master Data Management (MDM) systems and Big Data itself. Why?

While Big Data – data produced by the Web or Sensor Logs for example — is all about really high volumes, it is way too much for what current databases are geared to handle. Consider this, “a jet airliner generates a massive 20TB of diagnostic data an hour! In 2003, the largest data warehouse in the world was 30TB in size but, by late 2012, Teradata had 25 customers with petabyte-sized data warehouses, an increase of over 30 times in a decade.”[2] Continue reading

The False Positives of Disruptions


The “innovator’s dilemma” is the  most difficult choice an established organization faces when it has to pick between holding onto an existing market by doing the repeated thing a bit better, or capturing new markets by embracing new technologies and adopting  some new business models.

For example, IBM has dealt with this similar dilemma by launching a new business unit to make PCs, while continuing to remain focused on mainframe computers. Netflix moved a step further and took a more radical move, switching away from its old business model (sending out rental DVDs by post) to a new one (streaming on-demand video to its customers). Continue reading