The Future Drivers in a Connected World


Future Drivers in a connected world

Digital connectivity & communication is in a state of constant flux. At the heart of this change is the human journey with the internet.

It is rightly said that internet is the most important human invention after fire and wheel. Internet has helped us to connect with anyone form anywhere in the world, and it is going to play the role of a catalyst as we march ahead into a digitally-connected world. Most of the devices, platforms and technologies in the modern era revolve around internet as humans learn new ways of communication with humans and machines.

Let’s look into the 5 future drivers in connected world: Continue reading

Internet of Everything – Security Concerns In a Connected Era


securing IoT

Imagine a world where every aspect of your life is connected. What you do is recorded by a growing number of connected devices you touch, interact and encounter every day. And then the collected data is shared over a network. Our world is becoming a central nervous system running on a network of connected devices.

By 2020, the number of internet-connected devices will reach 50 billion. Mathematically, that’s around 8 connected devices per person. And this indeed creates a simple but a dangerous dilemma. While our ability to collect data will grow via connected devices, there is hardly any adequate security system in place to protect and secure this data. Continue reading