3 Key Innovations That Changed Data Centers Forever

Data Center Innovations

Before we discuss the innovations that changed data centers forever, let us consider the following average annual growth rate (AAGR) workloads on data centers:

  • 10% in server workloads
  • 20% in power demands
  • 35% in network bandwidth
  • 50% in storage

_ David J. Cappuccio, Gartner Continue reading

Can Data Centers Meet the Growing Expectations?


Top Data Center Trends to Watch out for in 2016

Data centers are both shrinking and expanding simultaneously. They are becoming smaller and leaner, and yet the performance is getting better and efficient.

Forward-thinking enterprises and industry leaders have started to overhaul their current data centers with technologies like virtualization & hybrid cloud solutions. There are two specific reasons behind this move:

  1. Cloud provisioning, expanding adoption of Social Media & Mobility, ballooning Big Data, increasing Automation & Analytics, and the constant need to do more with less – have become the new business challenges.
  2. Most of the data centers are dangerously outdated to handle these dynamic challenges.

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Leading Global Food Chain Restaurant Increase Revenue by 15% with Advanced IT Management


IT Management

How CMS IT Fixed the IT issues of 50 stores of a global food chain restaurant and increased the revenue by 15% of 200 stores in return.

What was going wrong for the client?

Our client is a leading global fast food chain restaurant serving a huge market in India. As their business expanded, more stores were introduced in the tier II and tier III Indian cities. Soon they were faced with challenges of broken service streams due to several IT issues, resulting in business downtime and customer dissatisfaction. The client identified 50 of their stores with IT issues and approached CMS IT Services for potential solutions. Continue reading

Converged IT infrastructure Vs. Hyperconvergence



Gone are the days of struggling with complex hardware, software and data integration, and piecing together makeshift data centre systems. Convergence has arrived — in the form of hyper-converged and converged IT infrastructures –with greater and effective benefits for your data centre systems. Streamlining of management, scalability and expenditure are all the dynamics concerned when an enterprise has to decide on whether or not to go for converged IT infrastructure vs. Hyperconvergence. Continue reading

Intelligent IT Infrastructure Propels Healthcare like Never Before


Intelligent IT Infrastructure propels healthcare

Wristbands that monitor how many miles you walk, run, or how much calories you burn during a workout or how accurate is your pulse, heart rate and sleep cycles, thumb devices that check your blood pressures or oxygen level and share it with your family physician through smartphones – the intrusion of IT technology in health-care sector is indeed phenomenal and transformative at the same time. It is propelling health care industry like never before. Continue reading

The 5 Hottest BYOD Trends to Watch Out in 2016


BYOD trends in 2016

Bring Your Own Device movement is booming, with 74 percent of organizations either already using or planning to allow employees to bring their own devices to work.

_ Tech Pro Research’s Survey

From a nascent and undefined entity in 2009 to the fast evolving and maturing business transformation tool of today – BYOD is revolutionizing the way enterprises run their business operations. As the plethora of mobile devices and business application are mounting, BYOD programs are also on the rise. Continue reading

Making the Most of Your Enterprise Software?



Good is no longer good enough!Enterprise Software

Is your enterprise software performing at the optimum level? In the era of changing technologies and digital disruption, businesses are faced with quandaries, and making the most of your enterprise software has become a business imperative.

So, when was the last time you measured the performance level of your enterprise software or questioned its capabilities to meet the dynamics of new business demands?

It was not long ago enterprise software was considered to be good if it helped a company to:

  • Increase process efficiencies
  • Automate mundane and repetitive tasks
  • Reduce workflow errors & redundancies
  • Collaborate cross-functional teams

But today, the story and situation is quite different. Enterprise software’s performance level has to move beyond the normal SLA level. Continue reading

7 Top Technological Trends of 2015

7 top technological trends of 2015
2015 was the year of technology disruptions. This past year has made businesses rethink strategies and forced many top executives to change their outlook towards the markets, technologies, competition and most importantly, customer behavior. Many of these technological trends created tectonic shifts deeply unsettling the existing business models and impacting them in unprecedented ways.Organizations had to reset their strategies based on the rapidly changing technological landscape, and align it with their business goals. Continue reading

Alert! Hackers are Watching Your Organization [40 sec read]


Enterprises encounter serious security breaches despite investing heavily in Information security infrastructure. Hackers are always devising new ways to breach the Information security of an organization, either from within the company or from outside.

Research suggests that 90% of enterprise breaches could be prevented through proper monitoring.

Alert! Hackers are Watching Your Organization. Enhance your Information Security.

However, setting up a 24X7 Security Operations Centre (SOC) to monitor is an enormous challenge because:

  • The high set-up costs can run into lakhs and crores of rupees
  • Demands significant time and effort
  • Growing shortage of skilled in-house security experts

CMS IT is delighted to announce the “Security Eye”; Service that provides a round-the-clock monitoring of your IT landscape.

As a new-age Information security service provider, CMS IT Services is pleased to bring forward this unique proposition to help clients adopt a best-in-class SOC at minimal investment. Continue reading

Welcome to the Era of Invisible IT Infrastructure !

Just think of this…. what if some one told us that they could:

Reduce the  overall CapEx and OpEx cost by 40-60% for our Infrastructure
Provide Limitless Scalability so that we can scale our infrastructure predictably with no limits
Give us Fastest Time-to-Value (8x Faster time to value in buying, deploying, and managing)
Make our Infrastructure have the Smallest Footprint with up to 90% Reduction in power, cooling, and space with a 2U form factor
and cut virtualization costs by up to 80%, reduce TCO by up to 60% ?

Ca’t see anyone who could actually execute that ? Exactly….

IT infrastructure today face immense challenge to meet the exponentially increasing demand of space, scalability and costs. Nutanix and CMS IT Services offer you the invisible infrastructure so that our focus is on applications instead of keeping the lights on. Hyperconvergence helps you run any app at any scale with absolutely no compromises. Now we can free IT resources to focus on important business initiatives and true innovation.

It gives us immense pleasure, to invite you at our Booth S3, Gartner Symposium ITxpo, November 2-5, Goa. We are engaging customers on ‘delivering’ value from disruptive themes of today – Hyperconvergence, Cloud Provisioning & Management, Security Operations Control and Data Visualization!

Let’s discuss how we can tame the hype cycles and how CMS IT makes these themes real, relevant and valuable to your use case scenarios, for your organization. Look forward to meeting you.

Remember – Booth S3! See you there!

Oh ….by the way..!!!

Here’s  a comprehensive E-book (click to download)  you can use to get up to speed on the disruptive technology of Hyperconvergence.  Expert tips inside!