Alert! Hackers are Watching Your Organization [40 sec read]


Enterprises encounter serious security breaches despite investing heavily in Information security infrastructure. Hackers are always devising new ways to breach the Information security of an organization, either from within the company or from outside.

Research suggests that 90% of enterprise breaches could be prevented through proper monitoring.

Alert! Hackers are Watching Your Organization. Enhance your Information Security.

However, setting up a 24X7 Security Operations Centre (SOC) to monitor is an enormous challenge because:

  • The high set-up costs can run into lakhs and crores of rupees
  • Demands significant time and effort
  • Growing shortage of skilled in-house security experts

CMS IT is delighted to announce the “Security Eye”; Service that provides a round-the-clock monitoring of your IT landscape.

As a new-age Information security service provider, CMS IT Services is pleased to bring forward this unique proposition to help clients adopt a best-in-class SOC at minimal investment. Continue reading

How to Outsource Successfully in the Age of the Customer


Even before Forrester made ‘The Age of The Customer’ famous, CXOs have found their roles in constant flux. Everyone is looking for the one factor that can help propel the business in the black. The one aspect that is undoubtedly clear is that the customer has to be kept satisfied. In 2015, studies suggest that the most important driver of customer satisfaction is the customer experience and one important way to contribute to it is by allaying customers’ fears in the face of constant change and dynamics. That’s the direction forward for new CMOs and CIOs – they must take total charge of customer-centric experience.

The customer focus

In a 2013 KPMG annual ‘Service Provider Performance and Satisfaction’ study focusing on corporate IT expenditure, organizations (over 48 percent respondents) confirmed that the deciding factor to outsourcing important technology-based services was the desire to improve customer satisfaction. In fact, the study saw a 20-point hike in the ‘search for quality improvement’ since 2009 when the issue was first raised. It was further suggested that firms were keen to invest in emerging technologies provided they boosted customer services. Continue reading

Infographic – Top Emerging IT trends in Banking Sector


Infographic - IT Trends in Banking Sector

Infographic – Challenges of IT Outsourcing


Infographic - Challenges of IT Outsourcing

Challenges of In-House IT Operations Management (ITOM) Services


The IT environment is evolving at an alarming rate, making it difficult for companies to keep up with ever increasing business needs. Moreover, with the adoption of new technologies such as cloud computing, mobility, virtualization and the Internet of Things, integration processes are a major challenge for IT Operations Management (ITOM) teams. While small and medium sized enterprises partnerwith managed services providers to cater to business demands of their clients, large sized companies are hesitant to outsource their services with the belief that they have adequate resources to meet requirements. Continue reading

5 Factors to Consider When Deciding on an IT Infrastructure Outsourcing Partner


The increasing complexity of new technologies has led to a need for radical transformation. CIOs, CFOs and CTOs possibly face the biggest challenge of providing high quality service, integrating latest technology at minimal costs and keeping up with evolving business needs. As the love-hate relationship with IT outsourcing continues, a careful analysis beyond Continue reading