Digital India – Connecting the Unconnected with Technology


Digital India – Connecting the Unconnected with Technology

The digital revolution is undoubtedly one of the greatest phenomena of our times. The Internet and the digital world offers boundless possibilities – be it students who can take online courses,  a homemaker paying bills online, a physician using medical software to understand a patient’s health completely, or anybody turning to the internet to “google anything”, the technology has deeply impacted our everyday lives.By now, we all know what Digital India is all about – a dream project launched by the Indian government to digitally connect all Indians and bring India to a global platform. This initiative aims at ensuring that all government services and information are accessible anywhere, anytime, on any device that is easy-to-use, unified and secure. Digital India has undoubtedly opened the flood gates to potentially improve the quality of life for every Indian citizen; urban or rural, young or old. It is a movement aimed to help us go beyond previous limitations and thrive in an era of pioneering modernization.

A move to change the game
The program is focused on digitally empowering citizens by creating a comprehensive digital infrastructure, delivering governance and services on demand. Giving a digital edge to critical focus areas like e-governance, digitally-powered industrialization and manufacturing, healthcare and agriculture, broadband highways, IT jobs, internet access for all, e-governance, etc., the government’s objective is to involve key sectors to bring in administrative transparency and pragmatism.

The government has committed to invest billions of dollars to make the program a game changer where services delivery in rural areas is concerned. A 2015 Deloitte report states that the usage of mobile devices and other accessible technologies will be complementary platforms to deliver public services. One example of the program is the ‘Digital Locker’ facility where people can digitally store important documents like passports, PAN cards, mark sheets and education certificates. This will reduce paperwork for officials enabling them to deliver faster results.

Economically too, the program is ambitious; a Mckinsey report has stated that embracing key technologies from corner to corner, prompted by the Digital India initiative, can boost the country’s GDP from $550-billion to $ 1-trillion by 2025. The program has the potential to enable businesses to generate an estimated 17 million employment opportunities.

The enablers
To afford more credibility, the government has roped in universal technology players to formulate the implementation of Digital India.

There are several technology enablers that could either work remotely or in coordination with others to support digital India. CMS IT believes that these solutions should be governed by well-defined frameworks, ideologies, standards, strategies and roadmap. As one of India’s top IT services firms, CMS IT Services has support infrastructure across 30 branches and 220 direct support locations in India. CMS IT provides complete solutions to large corporations across all sectors, including banking, insurance, retail, telecom and manufacturing.

CMS IT focuses on being one of the key technology enablers to support the dream of Digital India. Apart from technology, we at CMS IT believe that Digital India is also about decreasing carbon footprints by delivering innovative technologies that reduce fuel consumption and support eco-friendly workplaces thus leading to a green eco-system.

With proven technologies like Cloud, Mobile, Social and Security at our disposal, we are intensely focused in making this revolution a reality.