Leverage BYOD with Robust Security Solutions


Is BYOD security management one of the major concerns of your organization?

Can your organization maintain compliance with industry standards and regulations if personal devices are utilized?

Are you able to efficiently monitor devices as per the BYOD guidelines?

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) has been a boon to organizations, facilitating ease of work and offering greater mobility and flexibility.

Although BYOD programmes are used by a majority of organizations, most of them are faced with a challenge of security. The challenge that IT organizations face in adopting a BYOD programme is – protecting corporate information, managing personal devices that include organizational and personal data, and managing access to corporate and private networks.

BYOD Security Concern

BYOD security is a major concern for organizations and firms are now demanding robust security solutions for personal devices tied to the corporate network. The greatest concern for organizations is the probable loss of information. Securing essential corporate data and managing personal devices that contain business information is critical to any organization. Furthermore, carelessness on part of the employee is another major threat to mobile security.

A report by Check Point’s ‘Impact of Mobile Devices on Information Security‘ revealed:

BYOD Security Management Measures

The future workforce may be an entirely mobile workforce and hence mobile security solutions need to be more robust. A lasting strategy around BYOD security is essential and organizations must evaluate which mobile solution is best suited to the overall security infrastructure.

Few measures to ensure BYOD security include:

  • Using anti-malware and encryption
  • Deploying compliance and governance policies
  • Providing mobile security training and guidelines for employees
  • Using data loss prevention and authentication solutions
  • In terms of physical security measures, organizations can adopt device locking mechanisms

Organizations can capitalize on BYOD if they strike the right balance between usability and security. Having more robust security solutions will further help organizations have an advantage in the long run.