Top Four Roadblocks for Enterprise Cloud Adoption 2015


33 percent of organizations’ IT and data processing requirements are met by using cloud resources in October 2014.

There is an expected increase of approximately 41 percent of IT and data processing requirements in the coming year.

According to a report on ‘The Challenges of Cloud Information Continue reading

5 Factors to Consider When Deciding on an IT Infrastructure Outsourcing Partner


The increasing complexity of new technologies has led to a need for radical transformation. CIOs, CFOs and CTOs possibly face the biggest challenge of providing high quality service, integrating latest technology at minimal costs and keeping up with evolving business needs. As the love-hate relationship with IT outsourcing continues, a careful analysis beyond Continue reading

Leverage BYOD with Robust Security Solutions


Is BYOD security management one of the major concerns of your organization?

Can your organization maintain compliance with industry standards and regulations if personal devices are utilized?

Are you able to efficiently monitor devices as per the BYOD guidelines?

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) has been a boon to organizations, facilitating ease of work and offering greater mobility and flexibility. Continue reading

Why Buy When You Can Rent it Out – Dawn of the Age of the Subscription Economy


In this complex and difficult economic ecosystem, most enterprises are migrating to subscription-based business models. From access to software, applications, resources to infrastructure, everything is now available on a pay-as-you-go basis. The subscription model basically provides customers with the flexibility and accessibility to resources based on the payment of a single fee.

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Strengthen the Core of Connectivity with Robust Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) Solutions


Given the choice, users will accept an easy way to use corporate networks; otherwise they will for sure find a way to work around the system. An important aspect if Enterprise Mobility Management is providing users with access to the right tools to enable function efficiently.

As Gartner defined, Enterprise mobility management (EMM) consist of configuration Continue reading

Increase Business Value by Using Hybrid Cloud as a Strategy


Cloud computing is no longer an exercise dabbled with internally. Today, organizations need to embrace hybrid cloud strategies to identify workload that can be hosted in the public cloud and those operations that can be managed in-house. While adopting a hybrid cloud strategy, the key elements organizations need to consider include on-demand provisioning, end-to-end security, app visibility and delivery. Continue reading

How Businesses Can Ease Cloud Security Concerns


In spite of rising cloud usage rates, security concerns continue to be the primary barrier to a greater adoption of cloud computing. IT managers seem to be worried about security breaches of their cloud networks. A recent study by Insight revealed that most businesses are shifting toward the cloud for efficiencies, but they continue to have concerns about security. Continue reading

Why Organizations Must Shift Focus from Cyber Security to Cyber Resilience


Over the years there has been a paradigm shift in ways of protecting information. No organization today is completely protected from hostile cyber attacks and organizations must transition from cyber security to cyber resilience. A study by consulting firm PricewaterhouseCoopers revealed that the number of detected cyber attacks increased in 2014. Continue reading

Mobile Device Management Gains Momentum in the IT Landscape


Digitalization of enterprises has made management of enterprise-wide data more challenging. With data being present everywhere enterprises find it difficult to protect data and find security a major concern.

Furthermore the workforce today prefers smartphones and tablets. This has in turn increased the enterprise’s concerns of protecting corporate data. Companies wish to enhance Continue reading

Staying Ahead of the IT Paradigm Shift, Effectively and Efficiently


The only constant thing in the world of business is change. This is especially true of the IT sector at the moment as a significant paradigm shift is impacting every aspect of how the industry operates. Where earlier, technology was seen as an enabler for business strategy; today technology drives strategy as seen in the e-commerce revolution. Where customers accepted any service that was provided earlier, Continue reading