Building New Data Protection Capabilities in 2016


Building new data protection capabilities in 2016

Where businesses need to focus?

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Can Data Centers Meet the Growing Expectations?


Top Data Center Trends to Watch out for in 2016

Data centers are both shrinking and expanding simultaneously. They are becoming smaller and leaner, and yet the performance is getting better and efficient.

Forward-thinking enterprises and industry leaders have started to overhaul their current data centers with technologies like virtualization & hybrid cloud solutions. There are two specific reasons behind this move:

  1. Cloud provisioning, expanding adoption of Social Media & Mobility, ballooning Big Data, increasing Automation & Analytics, and the constant need to do more with less – have become the new business challenges.
  2. Most of the data centers are dangerously outdated to handle these dynamic challenges.

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Leading Global Food Chain Restaurant Increase Revenue by 15% with Advanced IT Management


IT Management

How CMS IT Fixed the IT issues of 50 stores of a global food chain restaurant and increased the revenue by 15% of 200 stores in return.

What was going wrong for the client?

Our client is a leading global fast food chain restaurant serving a huge market in India. As their business expanded, more stores were introduced in the tier II and tier III Indian cities. Soon they were faced with challenges of broken service streams due to several IT issues, resulting in business downtime and customer dissatisfaction. The client identified 50 of their stores with IT issues and approached CMS IT Services for potential solutions. Continue reading

The Emergence of the CSO and the future of Data Security


future of data security

Data is the essence of all businesses across the world. Protecting it from theft, exploitation, and misuse is now top priority for the organization. Client data that has been hacked can wipe out crores  in revenues, and stolen intellectual property can impact competitive advantage. This can lead to needless privacy abuses that bring scrutiny and penalties from regulators, causing damage to the organization’s reputation.

Managing data is no longer confined to the multifaceted ecosystem of privacy-conscious consumers, digital staff and suppliers; data today is fuelled by mobility and the cloud. Perimeter-based security is no longer applicable. Data-centric security, where security is positioned closer to the data itself, is now the new reality.

The future of data security

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Technology for Sustainable Cities


Technology for Sustainable Cities

A scene from the future

In today’s building boom, high-rise structures are all like small townships, with households, shops, workspaces – even parks and farms – all under a single roof. The spaces around us are malleable, designed to suit our needs. In place of owning stuff, we pay to use a space or a product, then return it, give it away, or recycle after use. People can car pool as a matter of course, and even rent out space in community gardens. We even order products from each other’s community farms! Continue reading

Converged IT infrastructure Vs. Hyperconvergence



Gone are the days of struggling with complex hardware, software and data integration, and piecing together makeshift data centre systems. Convergence has arrived — in the form of hyper-converged and converged IT infrastructures –with greater and effective benefits for your data centre systems. Streamlining of management, scalability and expenditure are all the dynamics concerned when an enterprise has to decide on whether or not to go for converged IT infrastructure vs. Hyperconvergence. Continue reading

Building Datacenters of the Future: Many challenges; One solution!

building datacenter for future
Here is a quick round-up of some of the key challenges that data centers face today, and how all of them can be fixed with just one solution:

Professional wise, data center managers are in a fix. Ballooning data volumes, mounting mission critical applications, increasingly complex IT environments, stringent regulatory and compliance issues, and the ever-elusive challenging SLA that he/she has to achieve against all these enormous odds.

Business wise, the biggest challenge for today’s data centers is the wide gap between data management capabilities and the business expectations. You cannot take a long period to design a data application or to build an infrastructure to run it. Iteration on functionality or any other tweaking must be addressed quickly. In short, application must be agile and infrastructure must be able to deploy quickly. Continue reading

5 Tips for marketing your Brand in the Digital Age


Digital Age marketing

In this digital age, we are surging ahead in all aspects, faster than ever before. With consumers across the world adopting the internet, smartphones, tablets and social media, the landscape for businesses is changing rapidly. It is a setting that offers more preference to those who engage and thrill their consumers across all their digital endeavours. It is a landscape that is exceedingly competitive, allowing easy access to every bit of information about your company, product, services and brand.

So how can you market your brand or product competitively in the digital age?

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Enterprise Mobility: The Rising Sun of Business Opportunities


 Enterprise Mobility- business opportunities

With more than 90 percent of IT Decision Makers (ITDMs) betting big on enterprise mobility as the critical function for customer engagement, competitiveness and operational productivity in 2016, it is not surprising that we already see some interesting instances of enterprise mobility adoption in the business world. In fact, this has been the most marked trend shifts in the last six months.

In a Mobile First landscape, companies are shifting their focus from mobile applications to enterprise mobile applications. As Matt Calkins, CEO & President of Appian aptly puts it:

“IT professionals understand that a strategic focus on mobile apps will fail to deliver the full digital transformation that must occur within the enterprise.”

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The Future Drivers in a Connected World


Future Drivers in a connected world

Digital connectivity & communication is in a state of constant flux. At the heart of this change is the human journey with the internet.

It is rightly said that internet is the most important human invention after fire and wheel. Internet has helped us to connect with anyone form anywhere in the world, and it is going to play the role of a catalyst as we march ahead into a digitally-connected world. Most of the devices, platforms and technologies in the modern era revolve around internet as humans learn new ways of communication with humans and machines.

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