SMB Cloud – More than just a Technology Platform


SMB cloudWhen it comes to small and mid-sized businesses (SMB), cloud is a solution, not just a technology.

There is too much hype around cloud and not all SMB players understand just how moving to the cloud can translate into tangible business benefits for them. They are not interested in what your cloud solution can do – they are only interested in what precisely can your cloud solution do for them. For example: when a farmer in Rajasthan purchases a mobile for the first time in his life, all he expects out of the device is to be able to make calls and pay the bill at the end of the month. He also expects quick problem resolution should something go wrong with his phone. The workings of the mobile tower make no difference to him. Plain and simple! Continue reading

What Makes Hyperconvergence More Flexible Than a Regular Cloud Solution?



Hyperconvergence is the latest buzzword in the IT sector, especially among data center circles for its capability to seamlessly integrate all IT components. Since the infrastructure solution can be developed, delivered and supported by a single vendor, its operational efficiency and low-cost factors are driving more and more enterprises to adopt this trending technology.

What is Hyperconvergence?

Hyperconvergence runs as a software-defined data center that provides flexibility and agility to the new-gen businesses solutions. The economic model of hyperconvergence is based on a cloud-like model that mows down data-center expenditures and total ownership cost for the entire solution. The technology has exhibited higher performance, improved agility and increased reliability; attributes that every modern enterprise is in pursuit of. Continue reading

Top 5 IT Challenges for Small and Mid-Sized Business

With emerging digital disruptions like cloud, mobility, analytics, and social media, IT challenges for Small and Mid-Sized Business (SMB) have increased manifold.  They have to adapt to these new changes and ensure business continuity while looking for more growth opportunities.

Today, we bring you the top 5 IT challenges encountered by small and mid-sized business:

Data integrity challenges

70% of small firms that experience a major data loss go out of business within a year. The most common challenge is data loss, majorly due to absence of adequate back up in the first place. The situation gets even more complicated with many increasing data complexities like structuring varied data types from disparate sources. Since most of the SMB don’t have dedicated professionals to deal with data challenges, it becomes difficult to maintain a minimum service level in case of a data disaster.

Downtime issues

The average cost of per-minute downtime was $7,900 in 2013. SMB frequently faces database, hardware, and software downtime than their larger counterparts, as they don’t have the right kind of infrastructure or adequate investment in IT that allows them to maintain full-fledged IT maintenance services. Continue reading

Enterprise Mobility – The Future is Now


Enterprise mobility - Future is now

The prediction then:“80% of business leaders predict that mobile-first companies will disrupt mature industries in 2013.”

_ 2013, IDC Report

The reality now:

“Enterprise mobility is the manifestation of a much broader shift to new systems of engagement.”

_ 2015, Forrester Report

How mobility is transforming the enterprise today?

Mobile has taken center stage in our lives. Today, mobile devices have become a personal extension. People communicate, share and interact through mobiles. They stay connected to internet 24/7, thanks to mobile. Continue reading

Dell Laptops infected with ‘Superfish-Like’ pre-installed Malware | Information Security


Release Date: 23/11/2015 | SEVERITY: Critical |

After the Superfish malware that attacked Lenovo laptops this february, another big computer manufacturer Dell’s PCs and laptops are reportedly found to have been pre-installed with a rogue SSL certificate that could allow attacks. It lets an attacker easily impersonate as a HTTPS-protected website and spy on when banking or shopping online. The rogue certificate, dubbed eDellRoot, was first discovered over the weekend. The certificate automatically re-installs itself even when removed from the Windows operating system. Continue reading

Why C.A.P. is the best cloud solution for Enterprises?


C.A.P for Enterprise Benefits

Tapping the C.A.P for Enterprise Benefits

Mission critical apps and sensitive corporate data are increasingly moving into the cloud. Two primary motivations for this cloud adoption are real-time analytics and BI (business intelligence). This is where CMS IT’s Cloud Analytics for productivity (C.A.P) gives distinct advantages to enterprises. We offer the fastest time to value in the business, simple and secure set up, quicker deployment and a platform designed to make business more productive and cost-efficient. Continue reading

Welcome to the Era of Invisible IT Infrastructure !

Just think of this…. what if some one told us that they could:

Reduce the  overall CapEx and OpEx cost by 40-60% for our Infrastructure
Provide Limitless Scalability so that we can scale our infrastructure predictably with no limits
Give us Fastest Time-to-Value (8x Faster time to value in buying, deploying, and managing)
Make our Infrastructure have the Smallest Footprint with up to 90% Reduction in power, cooling, and space with a 2U form factor
and cut virtualization costs by up to 80%, reduce TCO by up to 60% ?

Ca’t see anyone who could actually execute that ? Exactly….

IT infrastructure today face immense challenge to meet the exponentially increasing demand of space, scalability and costs. Nutanix and CMS IT Services offer you the invisible infrastructure so that our focus is on applications instead of keeping the lights on. Hyperconvergence helps you run any app at any scale with absolutely no compromises. Now we can free IT resources to focus on important business initiatives and true innovation.

It gives us immense pleasure, to invite you at our Booth S3, Gartner Symposium ITxpo, November 2-5, Goa. We are engaging customers on ‘delivering’ value from disruptive themes of today – Hyperconvergence, Cloud Provisioning & Management, Security Operations Control and Data Visualization!

Let’s discuss how we can tame the hype cycles and how CMS IT makes these themes real, relevant and valuable to your use case scenarios, for your organization. Look forward to meeting you.

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Oh ….by the way..!!!

Here’s  a comprehensive E-book (click to download)  you can use to get up to speed on the disruptive technology of Hyperconvergence.  Expert tips inside!

Let’s Meet in Goa ? CMS IT is at Gartner Symposium ITxpo 2015


Are you at the Gartner Symposium ITxpo 2-5 November @ Grand Hyatt Hotel, Goa? See us at Booth S3.

We are engaging customers on ‘delivering’ value from disruptive themes of today – Hyperconvergence, Cloud Provisioning & Management, Security Operations Control and Data Visualization!  Let’s discuss how we can tame the hype cycles and make these technologies real, relevant and valuable to your use case scenarios, for your organization. IT Leaders who display the ability to leverage these disruptive technologies to gain early value for their organizations are the ones who others (peers, team mates, user organizations) will look upto and reward!

Look forward to meeting you at the Gartner Symposium ITxpo 2015.

Remember – Booth S3!

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Is non-profitable E-commerce sustainable?


In recent months, we have seen hectic activity in the e-commerce space. As companies try to expand their customer base, and target what the millennials, those aged between 21 and 35, companies in the space are clear that their efforts have to be in this direction. One cannot talk about business today without referring to the e-commerce or internet interface aspect. One India study by Technopak has suggested that the business could be worth $32 billion by 2020.

Adding to the buzz around e-commerce are the big ticket deals. The acquisition of Myntra by Flipkart and hi-profile investments by Tata Group’s chairman emeritus, Ratan Tata, have added to the optimism around e-commerce. The high valuations also add to the aura of e-commerce but a business is a business, and at the end of the day, the bottomline matters. Continue reading

Combating Cyber Security Concerns in Financial Institutions with Intelligent Solutions


cyber securityThe financial industry is constantly subjected to a myriad of threats and vulnerabilities. Gone are the days when criminals use to plan for months together in order to execute a bank robbery. Today, banks have stringent security measures that will not let anyone break in easily and walk out with millions of cash easily. But for the criminals, the focus is not on currency anymore. Hackers and cyber criminals plan their crimes from the comfort of their home with just a computer and a keyboard. Consumers have moved to online banking and are doing transactions with digitalized form of currencies. Stealing sensitive data such as credit card information, birthdate, password, and username offers hackers access to a great deal of information with which they can cause irreparable damage to the banks and the consumers. Continue reading