Are you ready to Recreate Consumer Experience in Retail with Enterprise Mobility?


We live in an age where everyone and everything is going mobile. Consumers are both tech-savvy and well-informed.  For businesses, adapting to the ‘age of the customer’ is all about giving customers complete power to make their own buying decisions. Smartphones and tablets have made it very convenient for consumers to shop on-the-go. Consumers do not have to remember information like store opening and closing times. They also do not have to go through the sheer agony that stems from the inability to find a parking space in a crowded mall on a weekend. Mobile applications have become a very important part of everyone’s life. Today, we do not step out without our mobile phones. We have everything we need in our palms. We rely on our smartphones to get several things done easily in a convenient way, which otherwise would require a trip to the bank or a quick run to the grocery store.  So it is only natural that more companies are looking forward to investing in enterprise mobility applications to enhance user experience. Continue reading

InfoGraphic – Enterprise Mobility


 Infographic - Enterprise Mobility

How to Create a Cloud Adoption Strategy for your Business?


 Cloud Adoption Strategy for your Business

In the past, the term ‘cloud computing’ would have raised a few eyebrows in the IT domain. Today, most organizations are very much aware what cloud computing is and the several different cloud service models that are available. Enterprises have gone from asking ‘what is cloud computing’ to creating and executing their own cloud strategy using advanced technologies. When talking about cloud computing, people often view it as a 21st century invention.  But going back in time, one will realize that cloud principles have existed in the past. From providing access to a central computer through dummy terminals in the 1940s, creating the concept of virtual machines to execute multiple operating systems simultaneously in the 1970s, and telecommunications offering shared access to users in the 90s, cloud made its presence known at various time periods. Today, this concept has evolved into something that most companies want to invest in because of the reliability flexibility, scalability and efficiency cloud offers. Continue reading

Infrastructure Management 2.0 – Transforming Business in a Disruptive Environment


Infrastructure management 2.0

In 2004, an industry analyst said that the technology required to create a driverless car was impossible to achieve quickly. By 2011, Google had filed for a patent for driverless cars and was lobbying to change American law to allow for such vehicles on the roads. In just seven years, what seemed impossible became a tangible probability. All this made possible thanks to the rapid advancement of technology. In other words, technology disruption. Continue reading

Maximise ROI with Big Data Analytics

Maximise ROI with Big Data Analytics
Big data is the latest investment trend which is being looked at by many organisations. Marketing leaders have understood that collecting and analysing the data is essential for the progress of every organisation. The traditional method involved the collection of data on a company’s database to record the customer behaviour and new consumer trends.As there is an enormous amount of data to be recorded, companies are moving to Mobility and Cloud. This is bringing a change to how organisations function. On the contrary, many organisations are not sure how to invest in the right technology of big data. To make the right choice, you need to understand the capabilities of big data. Big data can address a wide range of problems in your organisation. This can be done by improving the customer satisfaction and amending the overall process of the organisation. On the other hand big data analytics is a fast growing industry that has tremendous opportunities for many investors. Continue reading

How Big Data initiatives benefit organisations?


Big Data initiatives benefit organisationsBig data is considered a gateway to competitiveness and business solutions today, with seamless collection of data and analysis to understand where things have gone wrong. The use of big data analytics gives the enterprises a chance to make smart and data driven decisions.

The development of industries with new technologies, skills and innovative thinking blends perfectly with big data analytics. There are immense benefits for an organisation with trending big data initiatives. Continue reading

The impact of social media on B2B sales


Impact of social media on B2B sales

For an emerging economy, it may sound premature to as what kind of impact social media (SM)- Viz,. Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn and Blogs- have on a company’s B2B sales. Given its nature as a social and networking tool, companies in the B2C arena will probably look at these tools more keenly in order to reach their target audience as well as obtain feedback.

But a clutch of Indian companies have used social media in B2B including Infosys, Dell and even Go Daddy, if one goes by what is mentioned on the internet. Continue reading

Mitigating Cyber Threats in the Retail Landscape


Mitigating cyber threats in retail

Most of us are aware of what retail therapy is capable of. It puts you in an elevated mood, reduces stress and the world feels like a better place again. The advent of internet and the numerous online retail websites are doing an excellent job of offering people this therapy, and that too at their doorstep. With a perfect combination of great discounts, unbeatable deals and fast delivery, online retailers are giving consumers the value for their money.

In the past, consumers were skeptical about buying products online. Shopping websites saw numerous abandoned carts for one reason – consumers did not trust a website enough to give out their bank account details or credit card information. With the network security measures heightened, consumers gradually started trusting e-commerce websites. Continue reading

How to have an effective enterprise IT help desk management


The IT help desk is responsible for improving the quality of internal support as quickly as possible. For enhancing the efficiency of the help desk staff, it is important to have an automated process automation in place. One can influence real-time data to deliver accurate internal support to maximize employee productivity and monitor service performance.

How does once tackle the occasional slack on the IT help desk? What are the key factors an enterprise should consider in this light? Read on to know the best practices involved in this process.

7 efficient ways to enhance the power of IT help desk

Collecting performance feedback

Continue reading

Revolutionizing Healthcare with Big Data


Healthcare with Big Data

The term ‘Big Data’ is constantly being mentioned in the IT sector. Many analysts and writers have also dived into the Big Data research to determine how well this technology can help various domains target potential customers.  Following the biggest Information Management conferences hosted by IBM and Oracle in the year 2010, people slowly started talking about Big Data and were searching for it on Google. Press releases, write-ups and blogs on the same topic started making their way to various online platforms. In the same year, job sites posted numerous Big Data jobs.  In 2011, Gartner [1]included Big Data to its 2011 Hype Cycle along with Gamification and Internet of things. Continue reading