Let’s Meet in Goa ? CMS IT is at Gartner Symposium ITxpo 2015


Are you at the Gartner Symposium ITxpo 2-5 November @ Grand Hyatt Hotel, Goa? See us at Booth S3.

We are engaging customers on ‘delivering’ value from disruptive themes of today – Hyperconvergence, Cloud Provisioning & Management, Security Operations Control and Data Visualization!  Let’s discuss how we can tame the hype cycles and make these technologies real, relevant and valuable to your use case scenarios, for your organization. IT Leaders who display the ability to leverage these disruptive technologies to gain early value for their organizations are the ones who others (peers, team mates, user organizations) will look upto and reward!

Look forward to meeting you at the Gartner Symposium ITxpo 2015.

Remember – Booth S3!

You can contact us at inquiry@cmsitservices.com  or +91 80 3043 0300 / 400 to schedule a one-to-one meeting with CMS IT Services CXO during the event.

Is non-profitable E-commerce sustainable?


In recent months, we have seen hectic activity in the e-commerce space. As companies try to expand their customer base, and target what the millennials, those aged between 21 and 35, companies in the space are clear that their efforts have to be in this direction. One cannot talk about business today without referring to the e-commerce or internet interface aspect. One India study by Technopak has suggested that the business could be worth $32 billion by 2020.

Adding to the buzz around e-commerce are the big ticket deals. The acquisition of Myntra by Flipkart and hi-profile investments by Tata Group’s chairman emeritus, Ratan Tata, have added to the optimism around e-commerce. The high valuations also add to the aura of e-commerce but a business is a business, and at the end of the day, the bottomline matters. Continue reading

Combating Cyber Security Concerns in Financial Institutions with Intelligent Solutions


cyber securityThe financial industry is constantly subjected to a myriad of threats and vulnerabilities. Gone are the days when criminals use to plan for months together in order to execute a bank robbery. Today, banks have stringent security measures that will not let anyone break in easily and walk out with millions of cash easily. But for the criminals, the focus is not on currency anymore. Hackers and cyber criminals plan their crimes from the comfort of their home with just a computer and a keyboard. Consumers have moved to online banking and are doing transactions with digitalized form of currencies. Stealing sensitive data such as credit card information, birthdate, password, and username offers hackers access to a great deal of information with which they can cause irreparable damage to the banks and the consumers. Continue reading

7 Ways to Break Service Stagnation


Service StagnationA company will know its services arm is going through a tough patch, or even stagnating, when consumers complain at regular intervals, or even quite vehemently, over the phone, e-mail or social media. Let’s take the industries in which service makes clear and unambiguous difference: restaurant takeaways is one, so is an AMC for your personal computer or any retail store experience. Here the user experiences first hand the likely stagnation or struggle that a business is going through.

In sunrise sectors such as hiring radio taxis, service issues are something companies have to grapple with, and since it is a start-up, there’s little to go by. Some of the businesses in which service is paramount are banking, hospitality, automotive after-sales and hospital services. In surveys of top companies and unsatisfactory service,  airline companies constituted 50 percent of that list. Interestingly, LinkedIn and Twitter have also featured indicating that social media experience is now as important as those that can be called “offline”. Continue reading

Capitalize on Data Analytics to Boost Customer Experience in the Retail Space


Capitalize on Data AnalyticsBig Data needs no introduction. Everyone is talking about it and many companies are using Big Data to achieve a number of business goals. But in an unrefined state, Big Data is just a collection of large volumes of data that really doesn’t tell us anything. Trying to make sense out of the huge pile of information is one of the biggest challenges retailers face with Big Data. This is where advanced analytical tools come into play and filter the unwanted data and offer useful information. Big Data has transformed the way retailers conduct business with consumers. It has offered them valuable insights into customer shopping behavior and industry forecasts necessary to stay ahead of the competition. Retailers realize the power of deploying analytical tools to understand their customers better, one of the crucial parameters for business success. Continue reading

Safeguarding Businesses with Intelligent Security Methodologies


Intelligent Security Methodologies

The cyberattacks that happened between 2014 and 2015 affected many large companies and affected millions of consumers. These crimes happened in a matter of seconds and the high profile information hackers stole were sold in the black market within few days. From eBay, Anthem, Target, J.P.Morgan Chase to Staples, Primera Blue Cross, Sony Pictures, and The Home Depot, every company acquired huge losses and suffered severe reputational damage. The list does not stop here. These are just a few names out of a bunch of other large and small companies that were victims of cybercrimes. Continue reading

Predictive Analytics in the Data Centre


Predictive Analytics in the Data Centre

As India industrialises, both new-age companies as well as those of the brick-and-mortar times are grappling with vast amounts of business data that, for the first time, is being captured in ways that allows it to be collated, classified and analysed.

One fine example is the e-commerce companies, and here I refer to the likes of Amazon, Snapdeal, Flipkart and the rest where every data byte has been recorded basis which we have seen a variety of e-mailers go out to a variety of potential buyers. Big data can be sifted through for trends across several demographic categories, analysing everything from buying cycles for a certain kind of decathlon to the exact type of superhero T-shirts most preferred by teenagers from tier 2 towns in India. Continue reading

Virtualize your data center for Greater ROI


Virtualizing data center

For IT industry, server virtualization has been a game-changing technology. And while server virtualization has continued to mature and advance itself, some organizations are still indecisive and not able to take full advantage of this offering– hampering their virtual environment at less than the 100 percent virtualized data center of the hard-core virtual administrator.

There are various benefits to an IT organization or business when choosing to implement a server virtualization strategy. Offering profound changes to the way data centers perform, virtualization undeniably makes sense on multiple levels.

Here are the key benefits of data center virtualization

Continue reading

Will Cloud Computing change jobs or eliminate them?


Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is developing at a fast pace, which is varying job roles in the IT sector. The business requirements also alter with the development of cloud computing. The changes brought in by cloud have affected the jobs being offered in many organisations. Hence, there is a requirement for professionals who can direct the business development than formulating its applications.

Cloud computing is rapidly changing the way organisations function and grow. The main advantages of cloud computing – such as remote access to files and data, easy data management and increased productivity are not only proving beneficial to companies in the long run but also offers better opportunities for managers and executives to upgrade their skills and outperform expectations. Continue reading

Risk to Information Security with Enterprise Mobility


Information Security RisksEmployees of an organisation can efficiently work on smartphones, tablets and laptops anytime and anywhere by implementing enterprise mobility. While mobility increases the performance and has enormous benefits, there are a few risk of security to information being stores and transferred from these devices. Adopting mobile devices and applications in a work environment is expanding in a fast pace over many organisations.

It has been observed that there is a risk to the privacy with the use of cloud and mobility software. These risks should be taken care of at the right time to ensure that there is no leakage of information and enterprise mobility is within the security controls. Continue reading