SMB Cloud – More than just a Technology Platform


SMB cloudWhen it comes to small and mid-sized businesses (SMB), cloud is a solution, not just a technology.

There is too much hype around cloud and not all SMB players understand just how moving to the cloud can translate into tangible business benefits for them. They are not interested in what your cloud solution can do – they are only interested in what precisely can your cloud solution do for them. For example: when a farmer in Rajasthan purchases a mobile for the first time in his life, all he expects out of the device is to be able to make calls and pay the bill at the end of the month. He also expects quick problem resolution should something go wrong with his phone. The workings of the mobile tower make no difference to him. Plain and simple!

SMB’s cloud expectations are no different. They want a solution that gives them wings to grow their business. A simple, effective plug and play solution to meet their business goals.

So your pitch of IT capabilities will never make sense to them, unless you back it up with specific business benefits that can be gained from those capabilities.

Let us elaborate this a little further. CMS provides two key cloud services:

cloud servicesCorporations using huge IT infrastructure are well-acquainted with these cloud services. CMS builds Virtual Private Clouds (VPC) and provides workload management and VPC maintenance services. And big corporations usually look for the following IT capabilities in a cloud solution:

  • Hosting
  • Data Storage
  • Virtual Desktop
  • Unified Communications
  • Workflow Management
  • Security Management
  • Mobility
  • Web services

Read more about cloud capabilities of CMS IT services:  Managed Cloud Services

Any general cloud solution provider will offer everything we have outlined above. For an SMB however, the wow factor lies in the ability of the solution provider to consult, guide and hand hold them through the cloud transformation journey. This is the biggest advantage that CMS IT Services brings to the table.

Here is a glimpse of how CMS exhibit cloud solution and help SMB personnel to make informed decisions:

On – Demand IT Solution with the following benefits –

  • Pay only for what you use
  • Quick and easy deployment
  • No or minimal in-house IT staff requirements
  • Scalability on business demands
  • ERP, CRM and other business apps cloud migration
  • IT security, data protection and adequate back -up
  • No business downtime due to systems failures

At the end of the day, designing an agile, responsive on-demand IT solution is not enough. Educating your user about its benefits in the right way is equally critical.