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Assimilation of Security Technologies into Cloud Platforms


Cloud Security: Assimilation of technology into cloud platforms

Cloud is the future and organizations around the world are adopting cloud platforms for managing their IT resources. According to a recent Gartner report on the cloud computing trends in India, the enterprise IT spend on cloud computing increased to $71 Billion in 2016, a six percent increment from 2015i. The trend is slated to continue. The same Gartner report positioned cloud computing to constitute a major share of the IT investments this year. With an increased rate of adoption and especially post recent cyber-threats like WannaCry and Petya, organizations across the world have realized the importance of cloud security and are working towards safeguarding their cloud. Continue reading

Setting the Tone for Integrated Hybrid Data Center Security


Integrated Hybrid Data Center Security

Cloud computing is widely used as one of strategic levers to drive innovation and agility. As enterprises are undertaking the path towards cloud aligned to different business use cases, hybrid data centers are becoming the reality. Increasingly enterprises critical and sensitive workloads are distributed across private cloud (Data Centers), public Cloud and SAAS platforms.

Integrated Risk Management into Cloud Strategy

Any cloud strategy should support higher business level objectives and strategies. This means that most organizations will not be able to define a single “one size fits all” cloud strategy. It’s therefore imperative that setting cloud strategy must assess the possible risks which are guided by Enterprise risk regime. Continue reading

Security-as-a-Service—Poised for Take-off


Security-as- a-Service—Poised for Take-off

Security-as-a-service (SECaaS) or Internet-based security or cloud security products is an outsourcing model for security management. Here a third-party vendor delivers applications such as anti-virus software over the Internet. It can also refer to security management software provided in-house by an external organization.

Such systems are the next step in the evolution of Managed Security Services (MSS) and Gartner indicates that the demand for SECaaS will grow significantly and might substantially change existing IT security infrastructure environments aided by the fact that new forms of threats are also emerging with Cloud Computing’s growth. Continue reading

Case Study: Metrics Matter – How CMS IT Delivers Benefits from Cloud Technologies!



One of the leading global manufacturing companies approached CMS IT with the requirement of a robust Cloud-based security solution to ensure protection of employees’ devices and company assets without compromising on performance and user experience. Continue reading

3 Ways How Cloud applications are Transforming the Mobile Workforce


Cloud applications for a mobile workforce

Creating virtual office wherever employees go

The rising tempo of Cloud adoption enabling mobile workforce is transforming the way we do business. According to IBM, over the next four years’, workloads hosted on the public cloud will grow by 44%. This means that  almost half of the future mobile workforce will work outside from their office cubicles.Two of the most significant developments in Cloud technology to enable mobile workforce are email management and online work environments. And the third one is mobile security. Continue reading

Mobile & Cloud – The Top Security Concerns of 2016


top security concerns of 2016Mobile security challenges:

The mobile has taken center stage in all aspects of life, but its influence is perhaps most noticeable in the corporate sector where the influx of mobile technologies has brought a sea change in the way enterprises operate. The proliferation of mobile has naturally led to concerns regarding security.

Today, 2 out of 3 employees use their mobiles for work-related activities. More and more companies are adopting BYOD’s at their workplace. Mobiles have become a mine of sensitive corporate information and a probable entry point in the IT. In the event of a mobile getting lost or stolen, there is a high chance of sensitive data falling into the wrong hands. For example, according to OCR, there were 253 breaches affecting more than 500 individuals, and running into a combined loss of over 112 million records in healthcare sector. And in Japan, at least 2.07 million sets of personal data were stolen or feared leaked from 140 organizations in 2015, according to a Kyodo News survey. In automobile sector, Mercedes has filed a lawsuit against Benjamin Hoyle (the company’s former employee) for stealing confidential information before leaving to join a rival company. These are perilous security incidents that corporates and companies cannot overlook.
Continue reading

Easing your Cloud Concerns: A few recommendations for banks


cloud in financial sector

The ubiquity of cloud is driving organizations to move to the cloud regardless of its concerns regarding security, compliance and data integration issues. By providing near-unlimited hardware and software resources on an off-the-peg, pay-as-you-go basis over the internet, cloud computing drives down costs, enables innovation and creates the flexibility to respond to change. Traditionally banks were reluctant to embrace such technologies, especially on security grounds. There are other challenges too, such as regulation and the potential complexity involved in managing many different suppliers spread all over the world. Continue reading

How Businesses Can Ease Cloud Security Concerns


In spite of rising cloud usage rates, security concerns continue to be the primary barrier to a greater adoption of cloud computing. IT managers seem to be worried about security breaches of their cloud networks. A recent study by Insight revealed that most businesses are shifting toward the cloud for efficiencies, but they continue to have concerns about security. Continue reading