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What’s Next for Cloud Computing: Trends in 2017


Digital India – Connecting the Unconnected with Technology (1)

2016 witnessed a huge number of enterprises shifting their businesses to cloud based architecture. Experts believe 2017 will be an even bigger year in terms of cloud adoption. And, one of the biggest factors driving this change will be cloud architecture vendors competing to provide infrastructure-as-a-service at lower costs. Continue reading

SMB Cloud – More than just a Technology Platform


SMB cloudWhen it comes to small and mid-sized businesses (SMB), cloud is a solution, not just a technology.

There is too much hype around cloud and not all SMB players understand just how moving to the cloud can translate into tangible business benefits for them. They are not interested in what your cloud solution can do – they are only interested in what precisely can your cloud solution do for them. For example: when a farmer in Rajasthan purchases a mobile for the first time in his life, all he expects out of the device is to be able to make calls and pay the bill at the end of the month. He also expects quick problem resolution should something go wrong with his phone. The workings of the mobile tower make no difference to him. Plain and simple! Continue reading

Network Security Trends in the Age of Cloud and Mobile Computing

 Network security trends
The need for network security is witnessing an exponential growth with advances in technology. It is important for every organisation to understand the new trends involved in cloud and mobile computing. Securing every network involved in a business is an everyday challenge, and a network infrastructure connecting networks across various devices makes this development possible. Continue reading

Are Cloud Hosted VDs appropriate for small businesses?


Cloud hosted Virtual Desktop

The popularity and domain of cloud services remain in agile development. Cloud storage is predominantly leveraged across a large number of enterprises. Cloud hosted software and further services, packaged in an “-as-a-Service” model are gaining popularity.

The idea of virtualizing and outsourcing the workspace by moving Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) to a cloud-hosted environment as Desktop-as-a-Service (Daas) is likewise a Continue reading