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Case Study: Metrics Matter – How CMS IT Delivers Benefits from Cloud Technologies!



One of the leading global manufacturing companies approached CMS IT with the requirement of a robust Cloud-based security solution to ensure protection of employees’ devices and company assets without compromising on performance and user experience. Continue reading

Why Microsoft Cloud is a Dream for Start-ups


microsoft cloud for startups

Why Cloud is the best option for startups?

One of the biggest challenges for start-ups is the lack of resources to procure and manage IT resources.  A start-up with only 10 or 20 employees usually end-up dealing with an avalanche of IT tasks like website hosting, data storage, BYOD, CRM applications, numerous communication channels, online collaboration tools, payment processing and more. That’s where Cloud solutions can come into action. Continue reading

3 Ways How Cloud applications are Transforming the Mobile Workforce


Cloud applications for a mobile workforce

Creating virtual office wherever employees go

The rising tempo of Cloud adoption enabling mobile workforce is transforming the way we do business. According to IBM, over the next four years’, workloads hosted on the public cloud will grow by 44%. This means that  almost half of the future mobile workforce will work outside from their office cubicles.Two of the most significant developments in Cloud technology to enable mobile workforce are email management and online work environments. And the third one is mobile security. Continue reading

How cloud unlcouds business?

How cloud unlcouds business
In the current digitalized world, businesses are encountering some big challenges.

  • Business must be in constant touch with their customers
  • Customers are looking for fast and quick solutions
  • Real-time information is the key to give real-time solutions
  • Employees must be empowered to work form anywhere, anytime
  • Scalability is the key to meet rising and unexpected business demands
  • Enterprises don’t have the time, money and expertise to design, develop and deploy all business software and IT platforms

What does it mean for the businesses? They must be able to function faster in lesser time with fewer resources, greater flexibility and high-performance level. Continue reading

Why C.A.P. is the best cloud solution for Enterprises?


C.A.P for Enterprise Benefits

Tapping the C.A.P for Enterprise Benefits

Mission critical apps and sensitive corporate data are increasingly moving into the cloud. Two primary motivations for this cloud adoption are real-time analytics and BI (business intelligence). This is where CMS IT’s Cloud Analytics for productivity (C.A.P) gives distinct advantages to enterprises. We offer the fastest time to value in the business, simple and secure set up, quicker deployment and a platform designed to make business more productive and cost-efficient. Continue reading

Challenges in Managing Remote Data Centers


In this era of virtual technologies and cloud enabled systems to host and manage critical business processes, enterprise data warehousing has expanded in definition to include remote and virtual data centers. Remote Infrastructure Management (RIM) can help an organization derive more value from planned IT infrastructure investments, decrease costs, improve operational efficiencies, and provide superior service levels. Continue reading