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Making Secure Enterprise Mobility a Reality


Making Secure Enterprise Mobility a Reality

Enterprise mobility is taking the IT world by storm. One of the most prominent trend shifts over the last year has been the wide-ranging adoption of enterprise mobility in the business world. An on-the-ground transformation of this trend has been the shift away from the tunnel-like focus on mobile applications. A complete digital transformation is required within the enterprise, and enterprise mobility is a definite way forward. Continue reading

Enterprise Mobility: The Rising Sun of Business Opportunities


 Enterprise Mobility- business opportunities

With more than 90 percent of IT Decision Makers (ITDMs) betting big on enterprise mobility as the critical function for customer engagement, competitiveness and operational productivity in 2016, it is not surprising that we already see some interesting instances of enterprise mobility adoption in the business world. In fact, this has been the most marked trend shifts in the last six months.

In a Mobile First landscape, companies are shifting their focus from mobile applications to enterprise mobile applications. As Matt Calkins, CEO & President of Appian aptly puts it:

“IT professionals understand that a strategic focus on mobile apps will fail to deliver the full digital transformation that must occur within the enterprise.”

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Mobile & Cloud – The Top Security Concerns of 2016


top security concerns of 2016Mobile security challenges:

The mobile has taken center stage in all aspects of life, but its influence is perhaps most noticeable in the corporate sector where the influx of mobile technologies has brought a sea change in the way enterprises operate. The proliferation of mobile has naturally led to concerns regarding security.

Today, 2 out of 3 employees use their mobiles for work-related activities. More and more companies are adopting BYOD’s at their workplace. Mobiles have become a mine of sensitive corporate information and a probable entry point in the IT. In the event of a mobile getting lost or stolen, there is a high chance of sensitive data falling into the wrong hands. For example, according to OCR, there were 253 breaches affecting more than 500 individuals, and running into a combined loss of over 112 million records in healthcare sector. And in Japan, at least 2.07 million sets of personal data were stolen or feared leaked from 140 organizations in 2015, according to a Kyodo News survey. In automobile sector, Mercedes has filed a lawsuit against Benjamin Hoyle (the company’s former employee) for stealing confidential information before leaving to join a rival company. These are perilous security incidents that corporates and companies cannot overlook.
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Enterprise Mobility – The Future is Now


Enterprise mobility - Future is now

The prediction then:“80% of business leaders predict that mobile-first companies will disrupt mature industries in 2013.”

_ 2013, IDC Report

The reality now:

“Enterprise mobility is the manifestation of a much broader shift to new systems of engagement.”

_ 2015, Forrester Report

How mobility is transforming the enterprise today?

Mobile has taken center stage in our lives. Today, mobile devices have become a personal extension. People communicate, share and interact through mobiles. They stay connected to internet 24/7, thanks to mobile. Continue reading

Risk to Information Security with Enterprise Mobility


Information Security RisksEmployees of an organisation can efficiently work on smartphones, tablets and laptops anytime and anywhere by implementing enterprise mobility. While mobility increases the performance and has enormous benefits, there are a few risk of security to information being stores and transferred from these devices. Adopting mobile devices and applications in a work environment is expanding in a fast pace over many organisations.

It has been observed that there is a risk to the privacy with the use of cloud and mobility software. These risks should be taken care of at the right time to ensure that there is no leakage of information and enterprise mobility is within the security controls. Continue reading

Are you ready to Recreate Consumer Experience in Retail with Enterprise Mobility?


We live in an age where everyone and everything is going mobile. Consumers are both tech-savvy and well-informed.  For businesses, adapting to the ‘age of the customer’ is all about giving customers complete power to make their own buying decisions. Smartphones and tablets have made it very convenient for consumers to shop on-the-go. Consumers do not have to remember information like store opening and closing times. They also do not have to go through the sheer agony that stems from the inability to find a parking space in a crowded mall on a weekend. Mobile applications have become a very important part of everyone’s life. Today, we do not step out without our mobile phones. We have everything we need in our palms. We rely on our smartphones to get several things done easily in a convenient way, which otherwise would require a trip to the bank or a quick run to the grocery store.  So it is only natural that more companies are looking forward to investing in enterprise mobility applications to enhance user experience. Continue reading

InfoGraphic – Enterprise Mobility


 Infographic - Enterprise Mobility

Managing Enterprise Communications Seamlessly and Securely — An IT Infrastructure Management Perspective


In today’s evolving IT landscape, most businesses strive to appear ‘connected’ with mobile applications for communication, financial transactions, healthcare, and collaboration and Cloud computing, being implemented enterprise-wide. While the term ‘connected’ seems innocuous enough, it is easier said than done. Managing enterprise communications is far more challenging than simply bringing together different systems and no one knows this better than the IT department of any organization.

At a time when innovative communication technology is emerging at a fast rate, making decisions on how much to invest and what kind of communications applications and infrastructure to invest in can be daunting especially as competition intensifies and consumer demands grow as indicated by statistics here — “The growth rate for Unified Communications (UC) products and services was 2.5% per month in 2012. And yet, only 40% of Fortune 500 companies claimed to have UC deployments.”[1] Continue reading

Infographic – Top riskiest employee practices


Infographic - Top riskiest employee practices

Top 5 trends of Enterprise Mobility


Enterprise Mobility trends
The enterprise these days is changing rapidly. The intersection of cloud, mobility, social networking and the Internet, what analyst firm Gartner calls the, “Nexus of Forces” is making most medium and large enterprises reconsider their enterprise mobile strategies. Employees are bringing their own devices, downloading their own applications and creating their own IT.

Here are the top five enterprise mobility trends to watch out:

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