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What’s Next for Cloud Computing: Trends in 2017


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2016 witnessed a huge number of enterprises shifting their businesses to cloud based architecture. Experts believe 2017 will be an even bigger year in terms of cloud adoption. And, one of the biggest factors driving this change will be cloud architecture vendors competing to provide infrastructure-as-a-service at lower costs. Continue reading

Managing a Hybrid Cloud Model


Cloud platforms have become a viable option for a growing set of enterprise workloads. To build and deploy new elastic applications and to extend legacy capabilities, business-aligned developers are aggressively leveraging public cloud platforms as they realize speed, choice, and cost transparency.

Because of the current challenges looming over the public space like consolidation of providers and the Net Neutrality issue, not to mention the cloud’s reliance of proper functioning of the net – any single point of failure can bring normal business operations to a halt. This can pose an unacceptably high risk for many businesses operating solely on the public cloud. Continue reading