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What’s Next for Cloud Computing: Trends in 2017


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2016 witnessed a huge number of enterprises shifting their businesses to cloud based architecture. Experts believe 2017 will be an even bigger year in terms of cloud adoption. And, one of the biggest factors driving this change will be cloud architecture vendors competing to provide infrastructure-as-a-service at lower costs. Continue reading

Case Study: Metrics Matter – How CMS IT Delivers Benefits from Cloud Technologies!



One of the leading global manufacturing companies approached CMS IT with the requirement of a robust Cloud-based security solution to ensure protection of employees’ devices and company assets without compromising on performance and user experience. Continue reading

Why Cloud Makes Sense for Small and Medium Businesses

 cloud for SMB

Numbers don’t lie! The SMB Cloud market is growing faster than ever…

At present, the SMB market for Cloud-based software is pegged somewhere around $28 billion. In 2015, the SMB market was at $25.2 billion, and it is expected to reach $34.9 billion by 2018, according to a new report from Cloud software specialist Odin.

RightScale’s annual State of the Cloud Report™ for 2016 has also some interesting numbers to share – 82 percent of enterprise companies have a multi-Cloud strategy (or hybrid Cloud). For SMBs, research finds that overall multi-Cloud adoption has risen from 58 percent to a staggering 71 percent year-on-year. Continue reading

Hybrid Cloud for the Next-Gen Enterprises: And why it will be a game changer


Hybrid Cloud

Cloud is witnessing hyper growth. Forrester Research has predicted that the Cloud market will reach $191 billion by 2020. Clearly, Cloud and Cloud computing applications will play a game changing role in shaping the growth of businesses going forward. One of the reasons behind this exponential growth of the Cloud market is the host of benefits that it offers, especially to small and niche players which include: Continue reading

Impending Challenges of Hybrid Cloud Integration


hybrid cloud integration challenges

The Era of Cloud Computing is undoubtedly upon us, and with good reason. Moving to cloud may have become more common, but it is still a fundamental change— affecting entire business from within. So, carrying out such an exercise should follow a careful assessment of the company’s business and infrastructure goals. Following the trail that started with Public Cloud and then Private Cloud, the Hybrid Cloud is creating its own niche in the broad field of Cloud Computing.

In a 2015 study published by RightScale, a cloud automation vendor, it assessed how enterprises used cloud computing services and found that 82 percent of them have a hybrid cloud strategy, a sizable jump from 74 percent just a year ago. So, the hybrid approach definitely looks to be the answer to future cloud issues.- Continue reading

Hybrid Cloud: The New Frontier in Data Breach and Security


Hybrid Cloud - Data Breach and Security

A recent Gartner report predicts that 2016 looks to be a defining year for cloud as private cloud begins to yield to hybrid cloud, with no less than 50% of large enterprises deploying hybrid cloud by 2017. While this prediction conclusively proves that cloud solutions are, in fact, competitive to traditional, data center options, it is not a sufficient comment on the most basic and important discussion point regarding cloud adoption – data security and protection. Continue reading

Benefits of Hybrid Clouds: From Data Security to Enhanced Operational Flexibility


The world is cloud enabled today and organizations – both big and small – are moving most of their primary enterprise systems onto different cloud platforms. The initial hesitation over cloud adoption has disappeared now with the emergence of the hybrid cloud model – a perfect amalgamation of the positives of both private and public clouds. Hybrid cloud computing is becoming an organizational norm with Continue reading

Increase Business Value by Using Hybrid Cloud as a Strategy


Cloud computing is no longer an exercise dabbled with internally. Today, organizations need to embrace hybrid cloud strategies to identify workload that can be hosted in the public cloud and those operations that can be managed in-house. While adopting a hybrid cloud strategy, the key elements organizations need to consider include on-demand provisioning, end-to-end security, app visibility and delivery. Continue reading