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Do the New Paradigms of SMAC Improve Productivity of Enterprises?


An omnipresent internet has enabled corporates and communities to connect, collaborate and communicate regardless of geography. Multiple case studies have shown the increasing power of technology to achieve the outcomes, and bring in a viral response for the greater good. Continue reading

Technology for Sustainable Cities


Technology for Sustainable Cities

A scene from the future

In today’s building boom, high-rise structures are all like small townships, with households, shops, workspaces – even parks and farms – all under a single roof. The spaces around us are malleable, designed to suit our needs. In place of owning stuff, we pay to use a space or a product, then return it, give it away, or recycle after use. People can car pool as a matter of course, and even rent out space in community gardens. We even order products from each other’s community farms! Continue reading

Top 5 Technology Trends India Can Expect To See In 2016


Technolgy trends in 2016

In a technology world, where change is the only constant, it is hazardous to forecast how technology will play out in 2016. However, the disruptions will be an extension of trends that took off in 2015, albeit with higher adoption rate and stronger reinforcements.

The top 5 technology trends India can expect to see in 2016 are:

Mobile will get bigger and more diverse. And it doesn’t just mean the rising number of smartphone users, but also the host of other reasons behind this growth. Continue reading

5 Key Factors to Consider Before Building Enterprise Mobility Roadmap


Enterprise Mobility Roadmap

Today, “Mobility” is on the radar of every enterprise. As mobility breaks barriers of traditional concepts of cabins and fixed desks, it is turning out to be the most impactful disruption for business transformation.

Enterprise can enable production, distribution and sales and provide prompt services even when customers are on the move through EMM (Enterprise Mobility Management). The business model emphasizes on collaboration, connection and instant communication. Anyone can access and process any business service form anywhere, anytime on any device. Many C-Level executives are brainstorming with their teams to chart out a clear roadmap for EMM (Enterprise Mobility Management). But here lies the problem:

A staggering 71% of IT leaders see mobility as transformational, yet only 18% of companies have a well-defined mobile strategy.
Continue reading

Enterprise Mobility – The Future is Now


Enterprise mobility - Future is now

The prediction then:“80% of business leaders predict that mobile-first companies will disrupt mature industries in 2013.”

_ 2013, IDC Report

The reality now:

“Enterprise mobility is the manifestation of a much broader shift to new systems of engagement.”

_ 2015, Forrester Report

How mobility is transforming the enterprise today?

Mobile has taken center stage in our lives. Today, mobile devices have become a personal extension. People communicate, share and interact through mobiles. They stay connected to internet 24/7, thanks to mobile. Continue reading

Risk to Information Security with Enterprise Mobility


Information Security RisksEmployees of an organisation can efficiently work on smartphones, tablets and laptops anytime and anywhere by implementing enterprise mobility. While mobility increases the performance and has enormous benefits, there are a few risk of security to information being stores and transferred from these devices. Adopting mobile devices and applications in a work environment is expanding in a fast pace over many organisations.

It has been observed that there is a risk to the privacy with the use of cloud and mobility software. These risks should be taken care of at the right time to ensure that there is no leakage of information and enterprise mobility is within the security controls. Continue reading

Are you ready to Recreate Consumer Experience in Retail with Enterprise Mobility?


We live in an age where everyone and everything is going mobile. Consumers are both tech-savvy and well-informed.  For businesses, adapting to the ‘age of the customer’ is all about giving customers complete power to make their own buying decisions. Smartphones and tablets have made it very convenient for consumers to shop on-the-go. Consumers do not have to remember information like store opening and closing times. They also do not have to go through the sheer agony that stems from the inability to find a parking space in a crowded mall on a weekend. Mobile applications have become a very important part of everyone’s life. Today, we do not step out without our mobile phones. We have everything we need in our palms. We rely on our smartphones to get several things done easily in a convenient way, which otherwise would require a trip to the bank or a quick run to the grocery store.  So it is only natural that more companies are looking forward to investing in enterprise mobility applications to enhance user experience. Continue reading

InfoGraphic – Enterprise Mobility


 Infographic - Enterprise Mobility

Enhancing end user experience in healthcare


Enhancing end user experience in healthcare

The growing technological advancements have been bringing in new possibilities in every industry. The same goes with the healthcare industry as practitioners explore the internet of things. These technological advances provide a smarter and better way to serve the patients and enhance their overall experience.

And this starts with the ease of work for the team responsible for better service. Introduction of advanced technology in healthcare has made managing and regulating the service easy.  End-user experience is the heart of healthcare. It is important to understand the possible ways to provide the best in-class service. The use of digital technologies like cloud, mobile and virtualization are helping the healthcare industry in improving its service. Continue reading

How mobility is transforming the healthcare industry


mobility healthcare industryThe expansion of the Internet of Things is transforming the way things work across industries. The Healthcare industry is among those   leveraging    maximum benefits out of the technological advancements to bring in new possibilities of patient care.

Healthcare practitioners are utilizing mobility and Internet of Things at a rapid pace. The expansion of new applications are providing better means to connect with patients and serving them on a real time basis. Many healthcare organisations are embracing the BYOD trend to have a versatile workforce, connected to hospitals across the globe. Continue reading