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Bots, Applied AI: Are they the future??


Bots final

Satya Nadella, CEO, Microsoft says “Bots are the new apps”.

A computer program designed to work on its own to collect information through internet and carry out the monotonous tasks are called bots, pretty much that can be summarized about bots for the common man. A chatbot is a computer program, a humanized service, fueled by complex math and algorithmcontrolled by rules that can be interacted with, via a chatting interface.

Dynamic interaction on internet at various websites is another potential place where bots are being used and positively influence the milieu. Continue reading Bots, Applied AI: Are they the future??

Technology for Sustainable Cities


Technology for Sustainable Cities

A scene from the future

In today’s building boom, high-rise structures are all like small townships, with households, shops, workspaces – even parks and farms – all under a single roof. The spaces around us are malleable, designed to suit our needs. In place of owning stuff, we pay to use a space or a product, then return it, give it away, or recycle after use. People can car pool as a matter of course, and even rent out space in community gardens. We even order products from each other’s community farms! Continue reading Technology for Sustainable Cities

Top 5 Technology Trends India Can Expect To See In 2016


Technolgy trends in 2016

In a technology world, where change is the only constant, it is hazardous to forecast how technology will play out in 2016. However, the disruptions will be an extension of trends that took off in 2015, albeit with higher adoption rate and stronger reinforcements.

The top 5 technology trends India can expect to see in 2016 are:

Mobile will get bigger and more diverse. And it doesn’t just mean the rising number of smartphone users, but also the host of other reasons behind this growth. Continue reading Top 5 Technology Trends India Can Expect To See In 2016

Let’s Meet in Goa ? CMS IT is at Gartner Symposium ITxpo 2015


Are you at the Gartner Symposium ITxpo 2-5 November @ Grand Hyatt Hotel, Goa? See us at Booth S3.

We are engaging customers on ‘delivering’ value from disruptive themes of today – Hyperconvergence, Cloud Provisioning & Management, Security Operations Control and Data Visualization!  Let’s discuss how we can tame the hype cycles and make these technologies real, relevant and valuable to your use case scenarios, for your organization. IT Leaders who display the ability to leverage these disruptive technologies to gain early value for their organizations are the ones who others (peers, team mates, user organizations) will look upto and reward!

Look forward to meeting you at the Gartner Symposium ITxpo 2015.

Remember – Booth S3!

You can contact us at inquiry@cmsitservices.com  or +91 80 3043 0300 / 400 to schedule a one-to-one meeting with CMS IT Services CXO during the event.