Cloud Technology

Empower your business with the power of the cloud

Your evolving business requires agility, flexibility, scalability and security – all of which CMS IT Services provides with private, public and hybrid cloud solutions. With our cloud migration, storage and management solutions, your business can be seamlessly integrated into the Cloud environment. Our experienced cloud migration consultants understand your business parameters such as IT requirements, growth and scalability, and architect the best possible solution for you. CMS IT Services possesses expertise in designing, building and maintaining customized cloud solutions for your business will help you get the competitive edge over your competitors. With the CMS IT cloud migration experts on board, you can get the maximum value out of the cloud transformation.

Cloud technology services across all verticals

At CMS IT, We offer our customers complete and comprehensive cloud services – we offer comprehensive cloud solutions for private, public and hybrid cloud - including design, build and management.

Our cloud enablement and cloud management services ensure that your business is seamlessly migrated. We manage the workloads efficiently between public Cloud and private cloud. In the pivate cloud, in addition to virtualization and orchestration, CMS IT’s focus area also includes a Software Defined Data Center which includes:

  • Network Virtualization (SDN)
  • Compute Virtualization (SDC)
  • Storage Virtualization (SDS)

Cloud Technology

Expert cloud enablement and management solutions

CMS IT’s cloud services help your business seamlessly migrate to the cloud and provides the best services to your clients. Our cloud deployment and management teams can provide:

  • Centralized automation and orchestration of a policy-driven architecture
  • Easier integration into DC/Cloud platforms for on-demand provisioning of resources
  • Cloud-based SIEM for 24X7 monitoring of logs
  • Cloud-based Mobile Security solutions (MDM)
  • Cloud-based Enterprise Monitoring Automation