Data Protection

It's all about Information Intelligence

A study suggests that 64% of data breaches are caused by well-meaning insiders and 50% of employees leave organizations with critical data. The cost of data breaches has increased to $5.4 million on an average. Lately India has witnessed an increase in security breaches and stricter data protection and privacy regulations, with high penalty for breaches.

Data Protection Services Offerings

CMS has two focus areas in the connection with data protection:

  • Data Loss Prevention: As terabytes and petabytes of data are being generated, deploying highest levels of security controls across the enterprise is expensive and operationally taxing. It’s therefore critical to know your information landscape before appropriate prevention programs, processes and technical solutions are implemented.
  • Information Rights Management: With the ever evolving nature of the business and IT ecosystem, sensitive information is increasingly being shared within and outside of an enterprise. Will the current trust-based prevention practice facilitated by the NDA (Non-disclosure agreement) help us in securing our confidential data?

CMS has partnered with Seclore, a leading Information rights management solution, to extend information security beyond an enterprise’s boundary. By establishing controls on what recipients can do with your sensitive data, CMS can help you prevent unauthorized information distribution.

CMS IT Services ensures better data protection, risk management, regulatory compliance and control of costs. Our well-equipped Managed Security Operations Center (M-SOC) will enable you manage security intelligence on a 24x7x365 basis.

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