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CMS IT Services’ Microsoft business unit portfolio extends the value of the Microsoft® platform to help our customers gain full advantage of their existing investments—accelerate the new initiatives, while providing complete offerings to use the enterprise agreements of licenses invested in. We offer consulting, design, system integration, application development on Microsoft platform across Microsoft Windows Server 2012, SharePoint 2013, .NET platforms, System Center Suite, Azure, SQL 2012, Azure, Windows Intune. Our focus is to enable IT environments to be more efficient, scalable and agile to meet business demands. From on-premise solutions to online services, we offer optimum business solutions to simplify customer IT environments. Our experts work closely with customers to help realize benefits from their product purchases, user adaption, project implementations, support across the spectrum of Microsoft application development solutions.

Microsoft based Solutions

Demands from business applications are changing. Business users are demanding secure, real time integration with disparate enterprise data sources and access over multiple devices. Traditional applications are migrating to public cloud, private cloud and into a virtualized environment that are accessible over multiple screens and platforms. User profiles and their way of working is changing how business applications are developed, deployed and managed.

Backed by expertise from teams responsible for successful implementations worldwide and in the Indian subcontinent, we work with customers to address the technical challenges of modernizing the application portfolio on Microsoft technologies by using the right combination of people, process and practice frameworks.

With the right set of utilities, user experience guidelines andre-usable frameworks based on Microsoft .NET, we maximize on the existing code sets and re-factor them for the modern Microsoft Platforms. This enables our customers to lower their development costs and decrease the implementation time.

Application Management and Modernization

We manage our customer’s Microsoft platform based application portfolio with a business-centric service level agreements both onsite and offsite. We also provide right mix of staff augmentation with the right skills to providing managed application services including Microsoft Azure monitoring and server management at client’s premises through shared and dedicated models.

With a factory model and enabled with right mix of tools, frameworks and skill sets, we at CMS IT Services, manage modernization & migration of Microsoft applications with business disruptions - enabling easy change management and enhancing user experience.

Our Microsoft application development, migration and management solutions focus on building, migrating enterprise applications from in premise to on cloud environments of Microsoft. Our expertise includes:

  • Developing and migrating applications from previous .NET versions to the latest version, thus enabling the paradigm of develop once and use it across screens. This helps in enhancing employee productivity across touch and mobile devices.
  • Migrating in premise applications after consulting on the amenability of cloud adaption with flexibility in usage.
SharePoint Applications and Services

Our SharePoint Applications and Services including Sharepoint server management help customers maximize their investments in productivity suites like MS Office, Exchange, SharePoint®, Lync and Office 365.

Our indepth experience managing SharePoint implementations and deployments and significant knowledge of previous version help us bridge the business and technical aspects for process automation, drive right methodologies for the project delivery and bring in focused frameworks for new product development, knowledge management, learning management, reporting self-service portals. The team is experienced well in delivering both horizontal vertical-specific scenarios.

While SharePoint 2013 platform is a stabile platform, IT leadership teams demand upgrade and migration from previous versions deployed. The expert Microsoft application development professionals assess the benefits of an upgrade, decide on an upgrade path, offer guidance based on best practices and upgrade to the latest platform. We upgrade the previous versions either to an on premise setup or Office 365 platform.

Our SharePoint Migration Framework includes assets that help in successful migrations and upgrades:

  • Assessment Tool: Helps quantify the efforts and returns in upgrading customer's current environment to SharePoint 2013.
  • Assessment Report: Report of the outcomes and strategy with architecture, up-gradation plan and recommended approach for the upgrade to SharePoint 2013.
  • Upgrade Project Plan: Project activities and tasks to conduct a SharePoint migration project from start to finish customized for the customer environment.
  • Upgrade Deployment Plan: A detailed deployment plan, checklist and procedures for post-upgrade maintenance tasks and Sharepoint server management.

The IT infrastructure landscape is changing, with mobility, cloud technology, and management systems playing critical roles in workplace transformation. Enterprises are adopting digital and virtual paradigms. This change in expectations from business users pose challenges for the enterprise IT as they enable their business functions to connect, integrate and collaborate with their customers and partners.

CMS IT Services’ portfolio of infrastructure services helps create dynamic workplaces that deliver business agility and improved operational effectiveness. The team is experienced in Application development on Microsoft platforms of Active Directory, End User Computing with Win 7/8, System Center Configuration Management, Office 365. Our team leverages repeatable best practices and pre-built assets to provide high-quality, end-to-end design and delivery of the services.

From on premises solutions to cloud services, we simplify infrastructure services for our customers. Our teams help in taking advantage of features and functionalities of the Microsoft technology platform to maximize your existing investments on enterprise agreements of Microsoft.

Datacenter and Workplace Infrastructure

CMS Datacenter and Workplace Infrastructure Solutions helps in upgrading and enabling the IT landscape on either ends of the spectrum of End User and Data Center for Microsoft Technologies including Azure and Sharepoint. We enable our customers to transform the workplace quickly, cost effectively and with minimum disruptions in the following ways:

  • Operating System migrations & mass roll outs across geographies from Win XP to Win 7/8.
  • Upgrading or deploying Active Directory services with specific focus on vertical segments.
  • Upgrading or deploying Microsoft Exchange, Lync, System Center Configuration Manager.
  • Migrating or deploying Office 365 - For Exchange, Lync, SharePoint.
  • Design, Deploy and manage Windows Intune for Enterprise Mobility services.
  • Establish, manage the Virtualization farms based on HYPER V.
Private Cloud on Microsoft System Center Suite

Microsoft Cloud Solutions with Windows 2012 Server and System Center suite of products provides new agility and responsiveness for the existing IT landscape in an enterprise. Our Cloud team enables customers to find right business workloads that are amenable for cloud, draft the roadmap, get the buy-in from key stakeholders through pilots, discuss the new way of efficiencies with the operations staff, and harness the benefits of Microsoft Windows Data Center, Hyper V, System Center Suite and Azure.

We help enterprises in realizing their investments on CORE CAL, ECAL of licensing and take full advantage of the available software while providing less complicated, more agile infrastructure solutions.

Our teams extend support services with onsite and remote service models for sustenance and maintenance of the infrastructure to assist our customers’ operations teams.

Every enterprise aims to leverage data that they generate to gain more insights in an ever changing business climate and accelerate growth. At CMS IT Services, we worked with progressive IT organizations of our customers and evaluated emerging trends in analytics space to identify two key areas to be focused on:

  • Improved reporting with better visualization and contexts.
  • Profile based analytics.
Analytics on Microsoft SQL & MS Office

Designing apt reporting and analytics capabilities can enable new insights and quick and better decisions for every business function in the enterprise. At CMS IT Services, we have the necesary know-how to integrate users' profiles into the existing processes both automated and manual, architecting a report driven architecture on the existing application platforms and present right visualization for the needs of users. We deliver our solutions on the strength of tools like Microsoft Office, Azure, SQL Server and SharePoint.

Predictive Analytics for Infrastructure on Microsoft Platform

Infrastructure support services for end user computing has become a commodity service across enterprises. Enterprises and Service providers for the last couple of years debated and discussed the productivity of support services personnel and started driving productivity improvements in a two pronged approach:

  • Preventive Mechanisms.
  • Reactive Support Automation

We at CMS help our customers to select the right use cases and gain the maximum out of their investments on Microsoft technologies like Office, SQL, Power BI and build predictive analytics platform for IT organizations. We offer the following services:

  • Selecting the right tool power and use cases to give insights on end user computing scope.
  • Utilize the predictive analytics for gaining insights on how to improve the service levels for the infrastructure.
  • Identify and build patterns of support and user activity on minimum possible investments to predict the points of improvement and failures.
  • Provide better insights to otherwise a commodity services and make it a strong lever for driving the user satisfaction high.

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