Information Security

Business, IT and Security leaders are confronted with multi faceted challenges in leveraging the value of IT usage and implementation. With an expanding business eco-system and the widespread usage of SMACI (Social, Mobile, Analytics, Cloud and Internet of things), new security threat vectors have opened up for enterprises. Businesses are increasingly demanding business service SLAs beyond traditional IT and security SLAs. Tough economic conditions have brought focus back on operating efficiencies to provide more services with less resources.

With over 3 decades of experience in serving enterprise customers’ IT and business needs, CMS IT is geared to respond to the above business challenges through its Integrated Information Security framework. This approach has mainly three important components:

Business Environment Integration: CMS iIT offers world class information security management servives which take into account your organization's business objectives, boundaries of operations, culture and maturity, risk tolerance and existing and emerging technological landscape to develop security strategies and roadmap. CMS IT Services help organization to establish a IT security management program that is responsive to rapid changes in business environment. CMS IT defines the governance mechanism and metrics for the IT environment including IT risk management and network security management to measure success of security programs while enabling continual improvement.

IT Service Management Integration: CMS IT integrates information security solutions with the IT service management framework to automate security incident to action, to improve security response while reducing human interventions. CMS IT offers holistic solutions to security threats including risk management and network security management services - enabling quick and effective business decision making.

Operating Model Integration: Organizations are testing different operating models to optimize performance and operating expense. CMS offers flexible operating models including onsite, remote and hybrid models. Our program management best practices ensure the transition between operating models is a smooth experience for you.

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To ensure strategic security practices are implemented, CMS IT Services has five focus areas to enable organizations deal with increasing risks and manage future threats.


The success of our IT security program revolves around process-driven human intelligence managing best-in-class technologies.

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