Empowered businesses with best-in-class IT solutions from CMS IT Services

CMS IT Services combines a partnership and consultancy based approach to manage IT infrastructure. Our strong relationship management framework built over decades, flexible and responsive to changing customer needs with emerging technology-driven business models.

With cutting-edge technology solutions and 24/7 operational capabilities, we ensure business continuity and robust IT support systems to large corporations across all sectors. We have partnered with leading IT vendors such as IBM, HP, 3Com, Oracle, Acer, Lexmark and Oce.

Our key propositions for your business transformation

There is a shift in the IT industry focus towards deliverability of Business SLAs, from areas such as End User Management and Server Management. As customers are emphasizing on the availability of business IT for their end users, CMS IT Services has added key propositions to keep pace with industry requirements and to make the portfolio of service offerings complete.