There is a paradigm shift in the IT industry focus towards productivity of Business IT to end users, integration of solutions and SLAs to manage different devices, and development of robust support and service delivery. In alignment with the change in industry focus, the value proposition CMS IT Services offers includes:

Business SLA Management – With stronger focus on the productivity of Business IT, CMS IT Services has invested in a robust automation framework to support alignment towards business SLAs.

Integrated End User SLA across Devices – Conventional and new devices are managed differently with different support models and SLAs. CMS IT Services builds an integrated SLA for the end user, ensuring consistent service. Investment is made in new areas such as mobility and integrated into the traditional IT landscape.

Predictive Support – CMS IT Services provides reliable, consistent and robust service delivery, by providing a quick response to delivery situations.


"The CMS Leadership team is committed to delivering successful engagement for leading companies, for their managed services requirements."
Anurag Mehrotra, CEO, CMS IT Services

"Alignment to Business SLAs cannot be achieved unless it is supported by a strong automation framework, which is the investment CMS has made."
Anand Ramakrishnan, Chief Strategy Officer & BU Head, CMS IT Services

Quality Philosophy

CMS IT Services adopts a phased approach towards quality, from compliance, improvement to innovation.
Phase 1 – Compliance – Baselines are set through quality certifications to shift the focus from people dependency to a process driven approach.

Phase 2 – Improvement – Processes are continuously monitored to identify gaps and ensure improvement in customer satisfaction.

Phase 3 – Innovation – Intelligence from phase one and two is utilized to create innovative solutions.