3 Ways How Cloud applications are Transforming the Mobile Workforce

The rising tempo of Cloud adoption enabling mobile workforce is transforming the way we do business. According to IBM, over the next four years’, workloads hosted on the public cloud will grow by 44%. This means that  almost half of the future mobile workforce will work outside from their office cubicles.Two of the most significant developments in Cloud technology to enable mobile workforce are email management and online work environments. And the third one is mobile security.

Today, we’ll look at how Cloud computing applications enable these three fronts, which have been  instrumental in enabling mobile workforce.

Cloud application services has become the new corporate’s email address.

The integration of Cloud solutions with office suite email is like a digital blessing. This not only empowers the mobile workforce to remain constantly in touch via emails but also to synchronize better across multiple devices. Employees can manage their professional e-mails, share calendars and schedule their next meetings. Adopting Cloud application services relieves enterprises from mundane tasks like upgrading, patching or installing add-ons as all these will be handled by service provider. Employees can focus on important tasks and do not have to bother with  patching up an old e-mail system. In nutshell, less of routine tasks and more focus on the strategic ones.

Team work made possible even without face time.

Remote access desktop and server environments have  been a game changer in enabling the mobile workforce. With Cloud-based work space applications – employees can log in using devices of their choice from anywhere and start working. Since the work space is hosted on the Cloud – employees can collaborate effectively even if they are working from different locations using the same applications. Data can be edited, documents can be shared and files downloaded, irrespective of what devices different employees are using.

Cloud application gateway is the new security gateway.

Security has always been the chink in the armor of the mobile workforce. In fact, many businesses have witnessed malicious cyber-attacks endangering mobile security. One of the important things to note here is – employees no longer demarcate between personal or employer-owned digital devices. They use both the devices for official work and personal time, making them (devices) highly vulnerable to security risks. So, many enterprises have begun  deploying cloud application gateway. This helps to secure corporate data while allowing employees the freedom to work from anywhere and with any device.

Mobile is the new normal for workforce. Mobile-based Cloud computing applications ensure smooth flow of information – no matter wherever an employee goes. Perhaps, it won’t be an exaggeration to say that without mobility one cannot build a reliable and scalable business model. The most important thing here is that security aspects should not be compromised. That’s where Cloud applications for a mobile workforce have  a major role to play.

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