Assimilation of Security Technologies into Cloud Platforms

Cloud is the future and organizations around the world are adopting cloud platforms for managing their IT resources. According to a recent Gartner report on the cloud computing trends in India, the enterprise IT spend on cloud computing increased to $71 Billion in 2016, a six percent increment from 2015i. The trend is slated to continue. The same Gartner report positioned cloud computing to constitute a major share of the IT investments this year. With an increased rate of adoption and especially post recent cyber-threats like WannaCry and Petya, organizations across the world have realized the importance of cloud security and are working towards safeguarding their cloud.

5 Cloud Migration Mistakes to Avoid

According to a recent survey by IDC, half of 6159 executives define their cloud strategies as “ad hoc.” Many company executives have stop-gap cloud strategies managing cloud migration on their own. However most such initiatives run into problems and executives face many challenges in migrating to cloud, arising out of some common mistakes. Many businesses go about without any specific cloud migration strategies but a thorough process evaluation and goal setting can help avoid some common and costly mistakes such as these five.