Case Study: Metrics Matter – How CMS IT Delivers Benefits from Cloud Technologies!

One of the leading global manufacturing companies approached CMS IT with the requirement of a robust Cloud-based security solution to ensure protection of employees’ devices and company assets without compromising on performance and user experience.

Client Background:

A leading global HDMI manufacturer, based in North America, required a robust Cloud-based security solution that offered web filtering and malware scanning protection for over 6,500 employees worldwide. Protection of employees’ devices and company assets was critical in enabling the company to offer a product portfolio serving wide range of products like display controller, video projector, compatible computer monitor and other digital audio devices. The manufacturer has over 25 production facilities across 8 countries.

Client Concern:

The client has more than 1000 employees working from remote locations. Frequent network malfunctions affected the performance worldwide and their devices and data were left unsecured.

Client Requirement:

A cloud based robust security system with web-filtering solution to address security threats.

CMS IT Services measurable metric based approach:

Assessed and analysed the situation to figure out that the missed SLA’s and increased IT Service tickets due to the network failures which resulted in business downtimes of over 11% per month.

CMS IT Solution:

  1. Incident Management: Automated incident investigation process was deployed to monitor devices affected by malicious web activities. This strengthened security measures and reduced the number of tickets. There led to increase in the productivity by 10%.
  1. MS Office 365: Two of the biggest productivity killers for the client were network latency and false negatives. The client was using multiple systems for email, security, collaboration and compliance issues. Microsoft Office 365 was deployed to take care of emails, security requirements, collaborative needs and regulatory and compliance issues. This resulted in bringing together a single platform for IT strategy and operations roadmap. All the users and devices were secured by the same policies whether in-office or remote. The impact –  collaboration increased by 12%.
  1. Integrated Cloud Solution: Our solution reduced additional time, cost and optimized production workflows. Many underlying inefficiencies were eliminated resulting in availability of highly-reliable systems. One of the major challenges QMS (Quality Management System) was improved by 3%.
  1. MS SharePoint Solution: Information access and sharing was facilitated – especially for employees working at different locations in different countries. Document versioning was allowed with access control and sharing became easy and fast with complete security measures. This gave dual benefits to the client – decreased downtime by 8% and increased output with greater reliability.

Our solutions resulted in increased output with greater reliability and allowing provisions to accommodate future technological upgrades.

We are established Cloud Technology Partners helping companies solve their most critical Cloud Computing challenges. Our services expertise includes migrating applications and data to Cloud environments, developing Cloud-native applications, and architecting and building and managing Cloud infrastructures. Our software solutions streamline Cloud migration and development while improving the Cloud readiness of applications. Get measurable results – work with CMS IT.

About CMS IT:

CMS IT has helped many companies to enjoy the benefits of Cloud technology without compromising on institutional values and compliance issues. We have been delivering Cloud Solutions and providing complete Cloud Migration Consultation and Support that are reliable and resilient. For instance, if a PSU is involved with multiple Cloud vendors, the probability of interoperability issues (as applications cross disparate Public Clouds) are high. We avert such critical lapses, by implementing Hybrid Cloud solutions and Migration that enable organizations to mitigate risks, avoid redundancies and still deliver to defined business requirements.

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