How Businesses Can Ease Cloud Security Concerns

In spite of rising cloud usage rates, security concerns continue to be the primary barrier to a greater adoption of cloud computing. IT managers seem to be worried about security breaches of their cloud networks. A recent study by Insight revealed that most businesses are shifting toward the cloud for efficiencies, but they continue to have concerns about security.

However there are ways to ease cloud security concerns.

Cloud security providers offer considerably distinct levels of cloud security. With this in mind, organizations must know that there are guidelines for analytically examining information security risks, considering threats, vulnerabilities and impacts, and then implementing a complete suite of information security controls, and adopting appropriate processes.

Organizations that wish to move their data to the cloud must consider security hardware and software choices, along with data encryption plans, audit and data retention policies that they seek from the cloud provider. This will ensure that the service meets the industry compliance demands of the customer.

Cloud customers must also consider backing-up their data in locations under their own control. Having data replication systems established in advance can further help replicate customer data that can be made available to them.

Another important take away point is that cloud customers must evaluate their network for cloud suitability, along with considering ways to manage their unstructured data. This can help organizations decide what information can be securely stored in the cloud. Organizations must also select their provider carefully after considering their national laws and possible global access to their data.

Lastly, organizations should be certain about the data they wish to store in the cloud, the kind of cloud provision that is best suited for them and the risk tolerance. After considering these points, organizations can settle on the most appropriate security systems for their cloud network.

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