Leading Global Food Chain Restaurant Increase Revenue by 15% with Advanced IT Management

IT Management

How CMS IT Fixed the IT issues of 50 stores of a global food chain restaurant and increased the revenue by 15% of 200 stores in return.

What was going wrong for the client?

Our client is a leading global fast food chain restaurant serving a huge market in India. As their business expanded, more stores were introduced in the tier II and tier III Indian cities. Soon they were faced with challenges of broken service streams due to several IT issues, resulting in business downtime and customer dissatisfaction. The client identified 50 of their stores with IT issues and approached CMS IT Services for potential solutions.

Three key challenges of these 50 stores were:

  1. Business downtime due to constant IT system failure scenarios,
  2. IT redundancies costing unnecessary costs and process delays, and
  3. Rising complexities in managing multiple applications from different vendors.

How CMS IT approached the problem?

After an in-depth study of the client’s existing IT systems and their process map for business operations, CMS IT arrived at the conclusion:

The 50 stores that projected IT issues was just a symptom of larger complications that the client was facing. The client was using multiple business applications from different vendors without having an integrated solution, which were causing frequent IT issues due to technical incompatibilities. So the ideal solution was to integrate all these applications and other IT resources for smooth business functions.

                      _ CMS IT Manager working on the case

CMS IT commissioned IT Infrastructure Management Services as a solution. The approach was instead of fixing IT issues in a reactive way, the CMS IT team decided to proactively re-engineer the existing processes and overhaul the entire IT systems to drive business uptime.

The working logic behind the proposed solution

CMS IT’s Infrastructure Management Services provide reliable, robust and secure services for integrating latest technology at minimal cost. This solution delivers end-to-end infrastructure service for managing IT operations efficiently, fixing IT bugs, and securing maximum business value. The best part of this solution was that the client didn’t have to invest in software, hardware or additional manpower. Data center and disaster solutions were deployed on CMS IT’s premises to remotely manage all the technical support services and help the client with business continuity, in case of any eventuality.

The overall business benefits to the client

The restaurant branches were able to quickly fix all the IT issues within the first twomonths of deploying CMS IT’s solution.[stextbox id=”info” mtop=”0″ mbottom=”0″ mode=”css” direction=”ltr” shadow=”true” float=”true” align=”right” width=”325″]37% decrease in business downtime
23% increase in customer satisfaction
21% increase in business efficiencies
15% increase in revenue[/stextbox]All the applications procured from multiple vendors were integrated to function as a single cohesive business unit. With two ad-hoc CMS IT engineers placed at some of their prime store locations, the company was able to cut business downtime by 37% and increase customer satisfaction by 23%. Within 6 months, efficiencies were improved by 21%. Soon the support service model was replicated in 200 stores.

With dedicated IT support services for the 50 stores, CMS IT Services has not only managed to give us respite from the frequent IT bugs in our critical business applications, but they overhaul our entire IT systems within two months. We were actually very surprised that we better our business uptime by a whopping 37% without adding dedicated resources or incurring major capital expenditure. Soon, we replicated the CMS support model in 200 of our stores and added a revenue of at least 15% within one year.

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