Making Secure Enterprise Mobility a Reality

Making Secure Enterprise Mobility a Reality

Enterprise mobility is taking the IT world by storm. One of the most prominent trend shifts over the last year has been the wide-ranging adoption of enterprise mobility in the business world. An on-the-ground transformation of this trend has been the shift away from the tunnel-like focus on mobile applications. A complete digital transformation is required within the enterprise, and enterprise mobility is a definite way forward.

With almost two-thirds of smartphone users across the world using their mobiles and other personal devices for business purposes, the vulnerability of their data has amplified and enterprise mobility systems need to ensure end-to-end security for these users. While integration of vulnerable business-linked data from personal devices to the cloud is needed, companies are beginning to offer their in-house enterprise mobility suites to offer greater security and protection. The increasing capabilities of phones and the fast pace of adoption of devices across the world implies that enterprises stand to gain in many ways, but must also begin to concentrate on securing the data of their end users. With security at one end, database management also gains importance, as connecting to the end user via an enterprise mobility solution would mean deeper engagement, which requires a robust database. Securing these databases therefore becomes an utmost priority.

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To make secure enterprise mobility a reality would mean engaging with customers at several levels. Companies create custom apps for their business processes. Several companies across multiple verticals have tied up with app developers to bring out security suites that protect the data and logs of their end users. Integration of these custom apps with the cloud not only allows the users to access them anywhere and anytime, it can also act as a confidence building measure that reflects highly on customer satisfaction.

Another way to ensure secure enterprise mobility could be to have multiple layers of security, integrated into the app. Robust access permissions that are flexible yet secure, customisable yet versatile can ensure both user-friendliness and security. Just like how design is at its greatest form when it’s least intrusive and least visible to the user experience, security for enterprise solutions should also provide safety without being invasive to the user and aim for clarity without clutter. Central management of security is also gaining favour amongst multiple businesses. With central management, employees can be kept connected and at the same time can collaborate with their colleagues on important aspects without compromising their data’s security. A centrally managed database will also allow businesses to easily wipe-off data from a lost or stolen device, thereby securing precious data immediately and without cost overruns. Another important advantage of a centrally managed enterprise mobility solution is the ease with which scalability is achievable.

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Secure enterprise mobility is not a pipe dream, with developers working on various suites and apps every day, we are moving closer to ensuring security of valuable corporate data as we speak.

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