Risk to Information Security with Enterprise Mobility

Information Security RisksEmployees of an organisation can efficiently work on smartphones, tablets and laptops anytime and anywhere by implementing enterprise mobility. While mobility increases the performance and has enormous benefits, there are a few risk of security to information being stores and transferred from these devices. Adopting mobile devices and applications in a work environment is expanding in a fast pace over many organisations.

It has been observed that there is a risk to the privacy with the use of cloud and mobility software. These risks should be taken care of at the right time to ensure that there is no leakage of information and enterprise mobility is within the security controls.

Using wide range of devices

Many employees are using more than three devices at work. Few devices are owned by the organisation and others are owned by the employee. With this there is a variation in the policy of mobile security. The major issue is with segregating the personal and corporate data to manage work in a better way.

Stolen or lost devices

There are high possibilities of mobile devices to lost or stolen. With this comes the risk of information security as the lost device can let unauthorised access to the corporate data. Thus, organisations must have strict guidelines for its employees to secure the access on their mobile devices with a security password. The strict authentication program will help corporate data to be secure and safe.

Operating system modification

As the terms jailbreak and rooting are trending many iOS and Android users are tweaking the operating systems of their devices to increase its performance and capabilities. There are instances where employees use unauthorised applications that are harmful for the servers as they have access to the data being transferred. Organisations must implement DLP policy in order to block such threats. This will help in having a better control over the unapproved apps and closely monitoring them for any data transfer.

Anytime access anywhere

Mobile devices have a risk to lose essential data as they can access unsecured networks. The risk to data loss increases with a connectivity over public Wi-Fi networks. To anticipate this risk data connectivity must be ensured over certified servers VPN of apps must be monitored.

Vicious applications

Apps have the ability to track and record information, this brings in the major risk of installing an app. When there is a transfer of data between the mobile devices and apps there can be a loss of information. To overcome these risks it is important that the devices have threat protection tools installed that can clear the data from malware and risky apps.

Enterprise mobility can help an enterprise and its employees to get the maximum benefits when it is protected. It can be a benefit for both employee and the organisation with enhanced productivity and ease of access.

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