Making the ‘Client Focus’ as one of the Product Services


client focus

Nearly all the products we buy today, from a consumer durable to a personal computer, have a service aspect to the purchase. The purchase of a laptop, for example, may come bundled with an annual maintenance contract or AMC, which is service that runs alongside the pure product buy.

Successful companies are those that can bundle a product along with its service, ensuring that the customer has life-long peace of mind. Easy to understand when you talk of a product – say a car battery. A service aimed at ensuring that the customer does not have ‘down-time’ will keep the buyer invested in the product. Continue reading

Product Support: An Essential Part of Good Marketing Strategy


product support

Product Support is a service provided by some retailers —primarily ones dealing in electronics and IT goods— that provides the consumers with a resource for product-related information and help if the product does not function as it is meant to. The purpose of Product Support is to ensure that, after the sale, consumers derive maximum value from use of the product. As the finale in the 3-stage product lifecycle, Product Support almost never gets the necessary marketing attention as compared to the other two – the Core Product and the Actual Product. Continue reading