DevOps Managed Services

As a part of DevOps Managed Services CMS IT has simplified the delivery of the software, monitoring of the applications, and ensures continuous delivery. CMS IT recognizes the DevOps Requirement of three kinds of organizations namely Product companies, Services companies, and Start-ups. The requirement for different enterprises is different and CMS IT having worked in various types of verticals have tuned DevOps to suit the requirement of various businesses. The growing demand for DevOps has increased the pace of software lifecycle across organizations. However, CMS IT has addressed the challenge of identifying and retaining the skills that DevOps adoption and continuous maturation journey demand for successful management.

DevOps managed services include operational management, managing the steady flow of software changes, meticulous monitoring applications and infrastructure, continuous deployment using blue green or canary deployment methodologies as needed by the enterprise.

Why CMS IT’s DevOps Managed Services?

1. Work Culture Shift

Imbibing an organization’s culture when the Dev and Ops teams work in sync with each other is the prime challenge organizations face.

2. Migration of Legacy Infrastructure to Microservices

Shift from a monolithic infrastructure to Microservices will bring in the challenges of developers’ skill building along with additional operational workloads which microservices brings in with itself.

3. Right Usage of DevOps Tools

As myriad of tools are available for DevOps implementation, developers need proper training to use the tool. Using the wrong tools can prove harmful for the organization’s IT health in long run. CMS IT ensures the usage of right tools.

4. Varied Metrics & Standards

As both Dev and Ops departments have different tool sets, their working systems as well as the metrics to measure the goals are different. As a result, the collaboration of these two teams can prove to be very ambiguous and inefficient.

5. Process-oriented Challenges

By signing up for a Managed DevOps program you get access to a fully functioning DevOps team which has a broad experience base and built-in knowledge gained from a diverse range of projects, which can help you cope up with the above set of problems while providing a host of other benefits.

Benefits of adopting DevOps Managed Services

By engaging a DevOps Managed Services provider, you get an access to a team of certified DevOps professionals who can build and operate your DevOps infrastructure and significantly speed up your DevOps initiative. This will allow you to focus all your resources on building an efficient continuous delivery processes to enhance your business performance.

With a CMS IT DevOps Managed Services Provider, you can be assured of:

Operational Management

Quicker Product Improvements and Releases

Faster Go-To-Market

High-level of Security

Smooth Scalability

Automated Configuration Management

Higher Performing Systems

Timely Performance Reports

Partnerships and Alliances

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