CyberSecurity – Respond

Align defences and deception on the perimeter, at the end points, in network devices, in systems and applications to help the enterprise conduct business as usual, while meeting expectations of clients, legal & regulatory bodies.

Increased complexity and frequency of attacks, combined with historical overreliance on preventative controls, elevate the need for building capability to respond to cybersecurity attacks and breaches. During a cybersecurity incident, security teams will face many unknowns and a frenzy of activity. In such a hectic environment, they may fail to follow proper incident response procedures to effectively limit the damage. And in any breach or incident, time is of essence. The faster the incident response starts, the easier it is to reduce the impact of the attack and its duration.

CMS IT Services Response Portfolio follows a structured methodology for handling security incidents, breaches, and cyber threats. CMS IT Services helps clients to plan for, implement, audit and continuously improve cybersecurity response, through detailed exercises.

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