System Integration

Today’s IT organizations struggle to meet the challenge of omnipresent integration for digital business transformation. To make it a success, the organizations should be equipped with skilled staff, matured processes and suitable technology, which is not a cost-effective solution. Growing requirements are forcing CTOs to evolve and modernize their integration strategy and stay ahead of the competition. As Gartner reports by 2020, more than 75% of large organizations will establish a hybrid integration platform using integration infrastructure that they assemble from multiple vendors.

Your IT infrastructure needs to be agile, robust and secure to enhance real-time decision making and seamlessly integrate into dynamic IT environments. We provide smooth IT systems integration including enterprise application integration to enhance your IT infrastructure and ensure it is flexible enough to integrate and evolve the custom application technologies. With our professional system integration services, you would have access to cutting edge IT integration solutions which are profit driven and scalable as per your business needs.

Deploy Latest Technology

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System Integration Services

Hyperconverged Infrastructure (hci) is tightly integrated set of compute, storage and virtualization resources in a single system that is defined…
With the changing time, the businesses are adopting new age technologies like Cloud and “ as a service”…
The ever changing and fast evolving IT infrastructure needs and with the developing “as a Service”…

Modernizing Integration Strategies and Infrastructure

As industries have choice of having multiple host clouds – public and/ or private, the integration platforms should be equally compatible, agile and modern beyond the traditional data centre. To manage Hybrid Cloud Solution, the organizations will require Hybrid Integration Platforms to manage these diverse topologies.

CMS IT Services have introduced Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning and Bots solutions to facilitate the resolution of complex integration requirements. Digital integration helps provide the user an enhanced experience with the help of chatbots or VPA technologies. Automation at various integration levels can help prediction analysis supported by self-help and self-heal solutions. These prove to be extremely cost-effective, reduces the dependability and regulates the processes. Automation allows the modern dashboards to capture the patterns and data through coherent views. The operational efficiency and the data analysis can be combined to further improvise the integration strategy for optimal performance. CMS IT’s AI techniques resolve complex integration challenges and helps make business solutions work together.

We bring deep expertise and in-depth knowledge of IT systems integration across all industry verticals including BFSI, Healthcare, Banking, Insurance, Government, Telecom and Manufacturing. We facilitate enterprise-wide application integration to deliver a risk-optimized and cost-efficient IT environment.

CMS IT’s Professional System Integration Services helps you integrate technology that is vendor agnostic and enables migration of systems to latest versions.

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