Digital Applications Management

According to Forrester 66% of the IT budget is spent on managing your existing applications that leave only 34% for new IT driven initiatives.

  • Does 80% of your IT spend goes into solving repeatable and highly avoidable problems?
  • Can you deploy your IT Spend on to innovation?
  • Can you use automation to streamline the problem universe?
    Our value driven approach entails transition, operations, enhancement and continuous improvement. The process provides enhanced analytics, quality resolutions and effective tracking, thereby reducing your IT spend in redundancy and deploys innovation and automation.
  • Increasing applications management and support efficiency, automating key repeatable processes to streamline the support process and make it more efficient.
  • Taking a target in terms of reduction of ticket size and achieve the same through automation and process enhancement while changing the paradigm with respect to applications support projects which are key factors in increasing load.

We deliver end-to-end applications portfolio management and support, right from transition to SLA achievement and business as usual with optimal staffing, automation enhancements and cost optimization across the spectrum with our value driven approach.

Here, at CMS IT we strive to provide the best in class applications management with an intention of reducing costs year on year.

High Availability

Continuous Automation & Innovation

Seamless Execution

a. High Availability: Ensure high availability of your critical and non-critical applications all the time by leveraging our end to end managed services expertise manage large scale delivery and customer experience.

b. Continuous Automation & Innovation: We leverage the power of automation to enable maximum self-service and continuous improvements in terms of efficiencies and reduction in operating costs for our customers.

c. Seamless Execution: Our 40+ years of experience in delivering end to end managed services for our large enterprise customers empowered us to create a well though transition methodology and enhanced staffing capabilities pan India.

With our Digital Applications solution, we redefined the role of applications management from:

Business as Usual to Better than usual

Routine Maintenances to Proactive monitoring & upgradation

Resolutions to One touch resolution

Partnerships & Alliances


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