Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy represents the assurance from CMS IT Services Private Ltd, (here in after referred to as CMSIT) a company registered under the Indian Companies Act 2003, with its registered office situated at No 8, 8a, Venkatadri Building, 2nd Floor, Hosur Main Road, Garvebhavi Palya, Bangalore- 560068 which owns this website and applies to the visitors of this website.

This policy was last revised on the date mentioned above and conforms to the best industry practices and the laws applicable in India.

CMS IT values the right to privacy of individuals whose personal information is collected, generated, processed, transmitted or otherwise accessed by CMS IT as a part of any of our activities including maintaining this website.

CMS IT recognizes that this website may be accessible on the Internet to residents and citizens of persons outside India who may have different perceptions and rights of Privacy as is relevant to their place of residence and citizenship. CMS IT adopts the generally accepted principles of Privacy recognized as essential in the privacy laws across the globe, but operates within the legal jurisdiction of India. Hence in the event of any conflict of jurisdiction, any interpretation would be strictly under the laws applicable in India.

In particular, CMS IT has put in place reasonable managerial, operational, technical, legal, behavioural control measures to comply with the provisions of the Privacy and Security obligations under Information Technology Act 2000 and the obligations recommended under EU GDPR.

No Personal information is either used or disclosed by CMS IT except as required or as permitted or as authorized and this policy captures and presents the collection and use of personal information from the visitors of this website.

This website is accessible to any person connected to the Internet using a browser software either on a computer or a mobile, through one or more internet service providers. The intermediary internet service providers may have their own policies for collection and use of your personal information on which CMS IT has no knowledge or control and hence such use is not within the scope of this policy.

What Information is Collected

CMS IT does not collect any personal information identifiable with any individual when they visit the website, view the pages and exit.

However, the webserver does collect the IP address from which the connection is established. The website does not use any “Persistent Cookies” which track the user’s identity and behavior after he exists from the website. Your browser may however keep a track of the websites visited as a part of its memory.

When you visit a website, the server may recognize some technical information about the “referral site” from which you entered the website, the browser and operating system you may be using and the browser settings. These are essential for the management of the browsing session and to enhance the usability of the website. For the purpose of such monitoring of your activity without identification and only during the time you are browsing the website, the server may use “Session Cookies” which get automatically deleted after you exit from the website.

When you register yourself specifically for any service on the website or contact the company for any service enquiry or for employment or for any other purpose, you may share your contact information which is information that you provide voluntarily seeking the relevant information or service. The contact information provided by you for seeking any business services is considered as “Business Contact information” and not classified as “Personal Information”. In such instances, you are advised to use only such contact information that you consider as “Business related” and not share your personal e-mail or mobile or phone number or residential address unless you consider them as “Business Information”.

How the Information is used

The contact information collected during your visit to the website which may be considered as “Personal Information” would be used for the specific purpose for which the information was provided by you.

The technical information automatically collected by the web server such as the type of browser or operating system used by you or the entry and exit pages and other technical information if any including the IP address are used for statistical purpose and to improve the usability of the website.

How long the information is Retained

The statistical information collected during your visit does not possess identity of the visitor and may be used as such for creating reports on the usability of the website and to improve the user experience. Such information may be retained as long as the statistical information remains relevant.

The session cookies get automatically deleted when you exit the website.

The service specific information collected will be retained as long as the purpose for which the collection was made remains relevant and there is a legitimate interest of CMS IT to retain the information.

Clarifications and Grievances

For any clarification on any aspects of this policy and to raise any grievances, you may contact the Data Protection Officer through e-mail .