Network Automation

Today IT automation is one of the most important business processes and the most relevant adoption done by enterprises. This automation adoption helps drive resource optimization and improve productivity. With everyday innovations Automation is today capable of delivering the most complex workflows from infrastructure provisioning to real-time monitoring, detecting and removing network security threats.

The key is in the current implementation and adoption of the capabilities and advantages that automation can deliver. Wrong implementation can impact the performance and reporting which results in weakness of system and may expose it to vulnerabilities.

CMS IT with the infusion of Artificial Intelligence for troubleshooting and maintenance of network best practices helps save cost, avoid critical errors, and reduce downtime.

Make Automation deliver for you
Network operations is a well thought, process-oriented and methodical set of activities distributed from simple to complex task performed on regular basis. Network Automation is the key to eliminate the traits of the human factor from tasks and make them more agile and focussed.

From dynamically mapping the network components to capturing the events and forecasting potential outages network automation is a key to any enterprise organization.

Benefits of Network Automation
Network automation provides overall health monitoring of all the devices, backing up configurations and validating them regularly. Updating and recording inventories, patching devices regularly, helping in troubleshooting the outages or spikes and delivering quicker RCA and preventing it from reoccurring is done by using Runbook Automation for standard CLI based activities. Automated configuration management helps in having service optimization and dynamic service orchestration.

Optimize Service Offerings

Maintain and Improve Device Health

Reduce System Outages

Network automation and its applications integrate DevOps tools to automate the network efficiently through different network automation tasks and collect various data and perform pre-defined tasks for configurations recording using templates and interface parsing. Network Automation helps system administrators & network engineers to manage all network devices in the organization’s network. CMS IT experience in automating enterprise networks can help you in the journey of automation. Our Network Automation Services are augmented by,

Dynamic Mapping of Network Components

Using DevOps Tools to augment Automation Process

Dynamic Service Orchestration

Partnerships and Alliances


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