DevOps Code Management Services

The DevOps Code Management services offering from CMS IT addresses the following challenges which the IT departments faces across the enterprises.

  • To increase software quality and developer efficiency, enable concurrent development activities, and achieve faster development cycles.
  • To find a tool that could remove toolchain complexity and manage everything in one user interface (UI).

Solutions Offered:

Single source of truth

Manage projects, not tools. With the help of CMS IT, you get a complete DevOps Platform delivered as a single application — one interface, one conversation thread, one data store, zero headaches.

Continuous Everything

Our industry-leading CI/CD empowers all teams to work together efficiently. Powerful, scalable, end-to-end automation is made possible by the CMS IT DevOps Offering.

Real-time security

Built-in everything brings automated security, code quality, and vulnerability management. With GitLab, tight governance and control never slow down DevOps speed.

Code quality metrics

Churn, frequently committed to areas of code, language specific static analysis, etc. More ambiguous, what is Churn? Useful to determine hot spots of code, risk factors, security scanning, best practices. Extremely useful when tied back into the delivery timeline.

 Tools used for DevOps Code:

 CMS IT open-source tools like Gitlab, Github to manage the complete DevOps process of code management.

Partnerships and Alliances

Founded in 2003, by VMware, AirWatch achieved early success in managing wireless endpoints and ruggedized devices. Today, AirWatch is the leading enterprise mobility management provider.

With more than a decade in business, AirWatch continues to develop solutions that empower companies to focus on innovative uses of mobile technology rather than dealing with the complexities of managing mobility.

AirWatch simplifies mobility for organizations, while empowering end users. With AirWatch, organizations can easily deploy, configure, secure, manage and support smartphones, tablets, laptops and other devices across multiple mobile platforms and operating systems. The AirWatch platform includes industry-leading mobile device, email, application, content and browser management solutions.

Our partnership helps in developing a solution which leverages industry-proven enterprise mobility platform and immediately start delivering value to our customers? Whether a network carrier, device manufacturer, technology provider, or systems integrator, we work to identify specific goals and determine how our enterprise mobility solution can help you accelerate your business, reach more customers, and drive additional revenue.

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