Legacy Transformation

The ever changing and fast evolving IT infrastructure needs and with the developing “as a Service” offerings legacy and complex platforms that require niche and outdated skills to develop, requires longer period of development and deployment of changes. Cost associated in continuing with this legacy is high which is driving enterprises to Legacy Transformation

Legacy Transformation or Digital Transformation today is a key initiative that every company must adopt the process of restructuring and modernizing their operational systems to ensure the investments done in the systems are giving continuous returns. The legacy transformation needs an infused effort to redesign both infrastructure and application landscape.

CMS IT helps derive early benefits of legacy transformation and get better value with fast migration and delivery with the new improved functionality that are aligned to the business KPI, realigned business processes.

Legacy transformation projects are an uphill task that are challenged by many risk starting from identifying current and future business needs, defining the approach that defines the probability of reuse of the current structures and services, replacing or refactoring the construct of services. The key is to define the risk that comes in various forms and its mitigation services as this are the critical pointers. CMS IT helps in defining the investments that are required to be done in the legacy transformation. This also helps derive the ROI & TCO of the project.

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