Network Management

The objective of this service is to ensure continuous operation and upkeep of your network infrastructure and other office locations including all active and passive components. The enterprise leverages core business applications which are critical for the day to day operations which run on equipment such as Servers, Storage & Backup devices, Network & Security devices, Databases, Middleware etc. CMS IT understands the need of enterprises to ensure high availability of services for all its business applications as it directly affects the performance and productivity of business end users.

CMS IT delivers Network services at Level 1, Level 2, Level 3 and Level 4 support levels with OEMs/ Vendors. Our SME’s (Network & Database experts) are available onsite on request. We ensure monitoring of the services and network for its 24x7x365 availability, our engineers and our solutions will be empowered to attend to resolve network failures and snags. We support DCO for maintenance of the overall network infrastructure for maintaining the uptime and to resolve performance problems of the network.

Our engineer liaison to resolve problems, they are empowered to resolving technical problems independently and responsible to adhere to defined SLAs, maintain logs and look after smooth functioning of Supplied Hardware and Software in your network.

What Differentiates Us

Our solutions encompass Hybrid Delivery model with optimized mix of resources, proposing new tools in the ITIL areas and cost optimization. Based on our experience our Onsite/ Off-site support services programs produce a complete and consistent view of the services in its different aspects.

Our solutions are designed around the discussions with you to understand the application integration for new innovative roll outs.

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