Cloud Optimization Services

Why Cloud Cost Optimization

  • Most public cloud customers pay more than what they utilize. Cloud service providers can reduce the cost by optimizing infrastructure utilization.
  • Each component of Cloud server, storage, tools and other services has to be reviewed.
  • Integrating Cloud Optimization services will allow the TCO to be brought down overall.
  • Good service providers can reduce cost without compromising on availability and performance.

Cloud Cost Management Challenges

  • Predicting cloud spending, internal chargebacks and allocating budgets appropriately
  • Lack of financial transparency due to scattered usage
  • Enterprise cloud costs are hard to predict and hard to understand
  • Confusing terminologies used by different cloud service providers
  • Increase in the no: of application infrastructure components due to complex digital applications
  • Lack of real-time spend visualization

Cloud Cost Reduction Tips

Get Insights on spending from different cloud resources doing the same function

Meter, allocate budget and Forecast future use

Develop the ability to group the cloud cost department wise

Track unused and under used resources

Track who is provisioning what in real time

Continuous clean up helps in removing unwanted usage of infrastructure

Partnerships and Alliances

Founded in 1975, Microsoft (Nasdaq “MSFT”) is the worldwide leader in software, services, devices and solutions that help people and businesses realize their full potential.Microsoft builds robust IT offerings to enable users to develop and share ideas, find solutions, and stay connected to what’s most important. They are motivated and inspired that 95 percent of the enterprise workforce in India uses Microsoft platforms to create, contribute, and innovate.

CMS IT SERVICES is a CSP for Microsoft in many key markets and is redefining strategic imperatives for business through these relations. CMS IT SERVICES having Microsoft as alliance, help customers achieve optimized levels of business performance, through assessment, advisory services, and application integration plus migration services. CMS IT SERVICES collaborate with Microsoft to deliver distinctive capabilities, offering clients high performance Infrastructure solutions regardless of their business challenges.

Google Cloud Platform


As a leading IT services provider we focus on AI-led Managed Services and Digital Transformation. We are committed to help you change the way you organize your IT operations, bring meaningful and actionable insights to your service improvements through advanced ML. We want to enhance experience of your users and reduce your resource utilization. For delivering these services, we have partnered with GAVS’ AIOps platform, Zero Incident Framework TM (ZIF). It enables proactive detection and remediation of incidents and increases uptime, helping organizations drive towards a Zero Incident Enterprise. It is can be an on-premise or a SaaS solution based on the usecase. It enables IT to deliver high performing systems with end to end visibility that helps manage and optimize resources and assets, and drives value for businesses. The platform also prevents data disasters and enhances business services continuity.


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