Cybersecurity Automation

IT system security is always an ever-growing concern for the CXO community, with more adoption the threat of more breaches and more lapses is always looming. The key is in detection and remediation of the detected risk, but the defenders must always stay alert to outsmart attackers.

As an integral part of security operations is the automation of security activities including managing all major tasks related to security operations like automatically scanning for systems and devices for potential threats. Employing Cybersecurity Automation can help enterprises,

Respond Proactively to Threats

Improve Efficiency of Security Operations

Enhance Visibility of Cybersecurity Infrastructure

Cybersecurity Automation tasks involve activities for workplace and enterprise infrastructure ranging from identifying threats to averting them through automated responses. Automation can take-over the monotonous manual routine of workforces and allows them to focus on other important functions that ensure security is never compromised. Security automation combined with security orchestration can deliver attainable goals in a better way.

With CMS IT’s Cybersecurity Automation solution, automating security tasks has never been easier. Automation of security tasks today is a must-have. It is all about automatically managing and handling any task without requiring involvement from a resource. The security automation tool embedded with an orchestration tool will automate tasks that would generally require the inputs and actions from more than one security tool. Security Orchestration or the SOAR solutions can integrate with other cybersecurity tools also with the IT operations tools for the complete toolset to work together and provide a holistic outlook of the IT landscape. These tools correlate all relevant data with intelligent information that is provided by an external threat intelligence repository to ensure all the correlations are done correctly and the right investigation is drilled down to address the root causes of the problem. CMS IT Services security automation solution has the following highlights.

Consolidation of all Cybersecurity Tools with SOAR

Faster Real-time Incident Response with Threat Intelligence

Reduction of Human-interventions in Cybersec procedures

Partnerships and Alliances


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