Hyperconverged Infrastructures

Hyperconverged Infrastructure (hci) is tightly integrated set of compute, storage and virtualization resources in a single system that is defined by a software centric architecture. It is a combination of integrated standard x86 servers whose compute power is collated for running new age solutions with help of a software-defined architecture making it a unified system that consist of all data center components like compute, storage, network, security, and management by reducing the operational complexity while enhancing stability and keeping the scalability available.

The HCI can be adopted to suit your business needs CMS IT helps define the purpose of adoption and migrating from legacy infrastructure to HCI for building a private cloud to suit the business needs have required controls and security. This private cloud can extend its connectivity to the public cloud and use the container-based applications over the public cloud delivering the features of hybrid cloud or use HCI as an extension to public cloud.

Enterprises that are keen in driving new initiatives and adopting new age technologies like AI based systems that are powered by machine learning (ML), or adopting the big data, the core benefit of HCI is its single pane of window for the centralized monitoring and management, easily scalable architecture, and cloudlike simplicity deliver multiple benefits.

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