DevOps Offerings

DevOps is a clipped compound of Development and Operations. It is an interdisciplinary function of software development and delivery process. DevOps maintains communication and collaboration between product management, software development and operations. DevOps helps Automate the process of software integration, testing, deployment, and infrastructure changes.

Why DevOps? High performing IT organisations deploy 200 times more. DevOps ensures Lean management and continuous delivery practices. DevOps create the condition to deliver values faster. DevOps helps in Faster recovery times and lower change failure times. It reduces Unplanned work, achieves higher performance is achievable in green field or brown field environments.

CMS IT understands the need for a solid business case resulting in a tangible benefit to the Business. CMS IT is uniquely positioned as an organization that helps customers both in Infrastructure management and Application implementation and therefore understands the need to create DevOps culture in the IT organization for improving the speed and agility. CMS IT creates the business case for DevOps in the following four areas

Avoiding Downtime.

Every downtime costs the organization money.

DevOps approach reduces the downtime by reducing the mean time to resolution.

Faster Delivery.

Each software change has a value associated with it andevery line of code an engineer writes deliversbusiness value.

Faster deployment brings more value.

Faster Engineering Time.

Engineering teams are one of the most valuable part of the business. Cutting down the development time can reduce the cost.

Developing agile sprints helps quicker development and deployment.

Reducing Infrastructure overhead.

30% of the infrastructure is spent on idle machines and so moving to cloud native technologies can reduce further overhead.

Time to delivery and therefore value can be improved drastically.

DevOps Services:

Drastically reduce development time and improve ROI by investing in the process chain.
Handle the DevOps Lifecycle from end-to-end following industry best-practices.
Oversee entire IT Infrastructure’s functioning with customized services to suit pertinent needs.
Evaluate and pin-point processes to automate, via cost-benefit analysis.
Ensure credibility of site using a combination of people, process and technology.
Manage all aspects of DevOps in one user interface and improve software attributes.

Partnerships and Alliances

Founded in 2003, by VMware, AirWatch achieved early success in managing wireless endpoints and ruggedized devices. Today, AirWatch is the leading enterprise mobility management provider.

With more than a decade in business, AirWatch continues to develop solutions that empower companies to focus on innovative uses of mobile technology rather than dealing with the complexities of managing mobility.

AirWatch simplifies mobility for organizations, while empowering end users. With AirWatch, organizations can easily deploy, configure, secure, manage and support smartphones, tablets, laptops and other devices across multiple mobile platforms and operating systems. The AirWatch platform includes industry-leading mobile device, email, application, content and browser management solutions.

Our partnership helps in developing a solution which leverages industry-proven enterprise mobility platform and immediately start delivering value to our customers? Whether a network carrier, device manufacturer, technology provider, or systems integrator, we work to identify specific goals and determine how our enterprise mobility solution can help you accelerate your business, reach more customers, and drive additional revenue.

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