Workplace Automation

Organizations are finding advanced ways to power technologies with operations automation, through Artificial intelligence, machine learning, Self-help and predictive analytics, and leverage the fastest growing solutions in the market for deep data insights and analytics.

Automation is a combination of Machine Learning, AI and Analytics with the right set of tools that help yield saving of cost, productive hours, improve user satisfaction and many more. By building systems that can take over the task of writing scripts and initiating automation, human resources can be completely removed from mundane tasks and be focused on more complex tasks that require visualization, imagination, and teamwork. This platform helps businesses to use human resources in the areas in which they are most needed and drastically reduce the spending on resources to perform the routine /common tasks.

In the cutting-edge business arena today support to technology plays an important part, organizations are looking for more focussed and quicker response through tight processes and automation tools to solve IT support challenges, get increased productivity, improve on efficiency and accuracy which delivers required results to the organization.

Advanced automation technologies offer improved customer satisfaction and quick response for delivering what users want when they want it.

Artificial intelligence and Machine learning help Chatbots to be used as virtual assistants and uses text & speech analytics to get cognitive analysis. Predictive analytics is employed for improving Infrastructure life.

The focus is on increasing productivity in user experience and supporting IT Infrastructure environment with new ways to deliver differentiated experiences and value. Automation evolves the value.

Improve Performance

Enhance Security

VIP/VIR driven solutions

Increased Uptime

Tools are as intelligent as we train and configure them. A consistent focus on training the tool to demonstrate quantitative and qualitative improvement in productivity and cost savings will produce huge ROI.

The Proposed Automation Platform is a comprehensive solution to help customers manage their IT Infrastructure life cycle from an end-user experience enhancement perspective. With better experience, end-users will be more productive.

CMS IT creates an indigenous IT environment that gives users a different digital experience by enhancing current infrastructure capacities. Driving the workforce to be adaptive to the new realms of automation by moving to digital support from the human-driven support for repetitive tasks. Our Work-place Automation Solutions Include:

Service Desk Automation

Multi-channel Support


Software Metering

Partnerships and Alliances


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