DevOps Assessment Services

A development process starts with an idea, which is defined as a user story and then developed, deployed. and released. This process chain is known as the value stream. It is important to understand that no value is being created during the process. Value is only created when the product or feature reaches the customer.

Customers only pay for that value once the product or feature is effectively available. The company can then invest this earned money in new ideas, which then flow through the value stream of definition, development, deployment, and release. Investment in DevOps works when some of the money is used for improving the value stream, rather than investing in more new ideas.

A consistent DevOps approach allows for shorter release cycles, meaning that new products or features can be made available to customers more quickly. This reduces development time and means that ROI is achieved sooner. With that, businesses can invest the money back into new ideas, or into further improvements of the value stream.

The DevOps Business case

CMS IT has developed a robust assessment and consulting practice so that the value can be delivered faster. There is a self-assessment questionnaire that helps the customer to do an assessment of their current environment. CMS IT realises that the value stream of the product and features can be delivered quickly and enables the customer to derive a business case for DevOps using the CMS IT DevOps ROI assessment framework.

Three Caveats of CMS IT DevOps Assessment


is only created when the product or feature reaches the customer side.

Economic Concept

“A dollar today is worth more than a dollar tomorrow.”


on rapid Value creation so that You can offer customers Value as quickly as possible.

Building the Business Case

Define the Strategic Objectives

Outline the Success Criteria

Identity Qualitative and Quantitative benefits

Deliver Executive Presentation

Qualitative benefits include Agility, Developer Efficiency, Ease of recruitment and so on.

Quantitative benefits include Infrastructure costs, FTE costs, Licensing Costs, Seat Costs, Feature release frequency etc

Partnerships and Alliances

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