Application Services

Simplify, Modernize and Secure your environment

Our decades of experience has enabled us to design and develop state-of-the-art applications services to fulfill your business enterprise strategic objectives. Our expertise and acumen translate into the digitization and streamlining your entire process using RPA and BOT technology through complete automation.

We have actively adopted the latest bot technology in digitizing customer processes, tailor the applications specific to the needs for better and error-free operational excellence. We work with you, understand your business requirements and plan customized solutions, capitalize on application to be accessible, agile and predictable. Outcome is lower cost, minimized risk, higher ROI, retort expertly to market opportunities, supporting your needs in realizing your key strategic business goals.

Application Management

According to Forrester 66% of the IT budget is spent on managing your existing applications, that leaves only 34% for new IT driven initiatives.

  •  Does 80% of your IT spend goes into solving repeatable and highly avoidable problems?
  • Can you deploy your IT Spend on to innovation?
  •  Can you use automation to streamline the problem universe?

Our value driven approach entails transition, operations, enhancement and continuous improvement. The process provides enhanced analytics, quality resolutions and effective tracking, thereby reducing your IT spend in redundancy and deploys innovation and automation.

Sunil Menon

Practice Head – Application Services

Our practice endeavours to extend CMS IT ‘s traditional strengths to our applications customers as well. We feel that BAU should not consume a lions share of the applications budget. We realise our objectives by streamlining applications issues and over time reducing the number of recurring issues. Automation is big aspect of our applications management strategy to provide insightful value adds rather than grapple with recurring problems.

Apart from managing applications we have the capabilities in applications development, UI development and implementation of certain niche package applications. At CMS IT,  we believe in bringing the best of breed solutions to our customers.

Application Implementation

Application Implementation

We ideate and execute from concept-to-implementation, right from solutioning the opportunity to implementation and support. Our customers include but are not restricted to mid-sized energy player to giant alcoholic beverage companies, leading Hospitality and Travel Organizations, major Capital goods organization and Nordic software services provider. Our key customers are some of the largest Insurance companies and India operations of large Banking products major where we are transitioning their managed services operations for vital niche banking customers.

CMS IT has been involved in Human Resource transformation projects ranging from full suite implementation of HCM and payroll to individual areas of process improvement and automation of employee conversations, along with our HCM partners Ramco. We are in partners with some of our major customers in

  • Increasing applications management and support efficiency, automating key repeatable processes to streamline the support process and make it more efficient.
  • Taking a target in terms of reduction of ticket size and achieve the same through automation and process enhancement while changing the paradigm with respect to applications support projects which are key factors in increasing load.

Application Development

We optimize the complete lifecycle of application development through our dedicated team of developers implementing latest technology and competent expertise. The uniqueness of our application development and support services is our resourcefulness to offer scalable and tailored applications utilizing best tools based on your business challenges and needs. Outcome is lower cost, minimized risk, higher ROI, retort expertly to market opportunities, supporting your needs in realizing your key strategic business goals.

We have versatile development capabilities, been involved in some niche development projects across technologies, few are

  •  Applications development for a large consumer goods major for their Japan operations, large cargo airline based out of North America and a large department of Government of Karnataka
  • Product development and engineering support for an India based software products organization
CMS IT Services Approach