NextGen IT Automation

→ Faster and reliable solutions for your IT concerns

→ Become a Business Enabler rather than a Cost Centre

→ Innovate to add value to the organization by utilizing the IT Capability

→ Get Complete visibility of every component and their activities in just a few clicks



Cloud & DC Automation

CMS IT DC Infra Automation ensures that all your routine and mundane jobs are being done automatically to achieve

  • Speedy Response and Resolution
  • Accuracy of Solution
  • Zero human Error
  • Quality of Service
  • Long Term ROI
Workplace Automation

Work Place Automation

  • Manage 85% of the Service Desk Tasks
  • Manage 50% of the RIM Tasks
  • Compliance Visibility
  • End User Experience Enhancement
  • Increase In End users’ productive hours
  • Visibility on End Users’ perception on IT
  • Organizational Status in terms of Score
Managed Services

Cyber Security Automation

You have already secured your environment by deploying security measures. But does that reduce the risk?

Automate your IT Security Activity
  • To avoid human error
  • Achieve speed and accuracy
  • Fulfill compliance requirement
  • To get system generated real time reports.
Managed Services

Application Automation

Manage your business critical applications through CMS IT Robust Automation Platform

  • Quick Application Deployment
  • Automatic Configuration of the Application
  • Performance Monitoring of the Application
  • Easy Troubleshooting of the Application
  • Application Orchestration